Flight (small craft) from Lhasa airport (LHA Gonggar) to Potala Monestary (of the historical Dhali Lama)

IF you fly from Gonggar airport North In a small craft and head north as you take off, follow the river channel to Lhasa. Bare right along the river and canyon until you reach the Monestary.

Unfortunately after the CCP took over Tibet, the region has become over developed and the appeal is lost. Areas of hills around the monastery have been blasted away. The Barley plantations are gone. The camps and towns that gave refuge to many people, including Muslims, Christians, and other Buddhist are gone. In its place are Apartments, stores, factories, and labor businesses for mass production.

I will do a later video of other monasteries. One the odl central Kagyu TEmple of the 16th Karmapa that had to be rebuilt after Chinese CCP destroyed part of it, and many monks lost their lives. (not the other Chinese party that tried to help defend Tibet but was conquered by the communist party).

2 others are in ruins, never rebuilt.

Still nice to see that the palace is intact and restored.

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