Flight Teacher Needed

Anyone looking to teach. Someone who can show me and train me how to fly. Anyone willing to fly with me and show me how to use autopilot and show me how to fly in general.

Go to Vatstar website. That’s what they do.
Everyone starts off not knowing a thing. But it’s a fun road to learn. Good luck.

There’s loads on YouTube, have a look here

Plenty of tutorials, just type msfs 2020 landing tutorial, autopilot tutorial and so on.

Take care

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Thank you! Looks Great!

Thank you! Very helpful.

i can teach you and practice specific areas. YouTube has a lot of material to learn, which sometimes can be overwhelming though. Just PM me.

I am surprised that this service is free! With only a few instructors; it must take a significant time to book lessons?

I’ll fly with you. Not an expert myself but can complete a flight and not bad with the instruments. Teaching is a good way to supplement learning.

I went through their entire training program without issue. It was a cpl years ago though. They are very good.

With using discord I was able to walk my brother through most of the flying basics. We started off on the ground and 2 days later he was practicing his touch and goes flying a perfect boxed pattern. It was quite fun accomplishing this. I wish they had dual cockpit sharing as it would have been easier.