Flight time


I would like to know if for a long flight (several hours), is there a way to accelerate the time, to have for example one hour instead of ten?
Is it possible also to “pause” a flight and to begin the next day where I paused?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Yes, you can accelerate time. Search the “sim rate” related keybinds in the controls and change them to your liking
  2. Yes and no, meaning that the pause function does not really pause time, traffic, weather and the savegame option (which can be accessed on the bottom of the page that appears after pressing ESC during a flight), which would be more appropriate for your scope, is often buggy with the majority of aircraft.

Go to flightsim.to and search for “Shift+Z Stats”. This add on gives you good control over the sim rate.

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There is an addon at flightsim.to which will do that for you on the msfs handlebar. I use it quite regularly.

Sorry, Nonstopoyster just beat me to it though that wasn’t the specific addon I was thinking about. I think it’s called simrate selector or something like that

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