Flight tracking and location info

I may he hoping for a lot here but I wondered if anyone knows of any 3rd party software that might:
Keep track of your flights e.g. For a round the world trip to keep track of legs.
Provide interesting information on the places you are flying over.

I know I can just Google the info and possibly just draw a line on a paper map but I would love it if there was this type of software available.

My (free) flight planner can do a lot of this, with some manual cutting/pasting into a text file. I welcome suggestions as to enhancements, so send me email after you have played with it a while.

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Thanks for posting that link, I hadn’t heard of that one, looks pretty cool.

Whilst on the subject, is it possible to extract the logbook to a spreadsheet? It would be quite interesting to analyse it if it were.

I can recommend fshub.io as it is excellent live flight tracking on Google maps, post-flight analysis, and log.

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