Flight Training - Downwind Lesson starting Height wrong

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No Developer mode
Lesson starts at wrong height

When you start the lesson you are supposed to be at and maintain 6,000ft. You are then required to hold 80Kts.
The lesson actually starts at 5,000ft, so you have to climb and the longer it takes to regain the height the more points you are losing and it creates havoc with your speed so more points lost.

It also doesn’t seem to register when you do actually attain 6,000ft.


Microsoft Store version

submitted to Zendesk? what is your ticket #?` not received at the time of posting.

The workaround is to hit Esc just after the mission loads and then select Restart. Once your loaded back into the mission you will be at 6000ft


Thanks heaps - had tried this multiple times to no avail.

Did Chasey’s solution, nailed an A first go. Thanks guy!

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I believe this is an altimeter issue. You are starting at the correct altitude but ever since they have included this altimeter smoothing the altimeter slowly adjusts when spawning in the air.