Flight training problems

Has anyone been able to get through the first couple of training lessons? When I tried, I found that the instruction to press 1 to look at the Sedona airport doesn’t work. When I looked at the keyboard bindings, the number 1 isn’t bound to anything in the cockpit camera section (or anywhere else, for that matter). There is no way to actually lock the view to the airport. (I checked the settings and POIs are activated) That means that lesson 1 can’t be completed.

I realize that this is a minor detail amid the other major issues out there, but perhaps I can learn something about the sim if someone out there has “fixed” this issue.

This might not help you in this issue but for keybindings and default settings this pdf is really nice.

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

I think you’re referring to saved camera angles. If that’s the case, it’s ctrl+alt+n, and to go back is just press alt+n. Where n is any number on your keyboard (not the numpad).

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Do you use a joystick to fly? If you do, that “1” might refer to the button on your joystick, which usually is the trigger. It works like that in my case.

And if your input device is supported, you can check the mappings in-game with ctrl+c if i remember correctly.

I don’t see any response in the main controls area to confirm the action of any mapped keys.

Pressing 1 on the joystick worked. Thanks. Still can’t see the response to pressing a button anywhere (both using CTRL-C and in the controls option).
Some documentation would certainly help!!

Yes you can see the response but there’s a bit issue. On the controls setting page, only if you can find the button which you already set up on the list, and you press the button you can see it responding. Otherwise, if the button is hidden it won’t respond.

Some buttons respond and others don’t seem to (???).

If you have a joystick, buttton 1 is the trigger,