Flight Training Via Vatstar / Vatsim

Good evening forum,

I made a post not long ago asking about training recomendations which a few of you provided input on which I greatly appreciate.

I was looking around my Vatstar / Vatsim profile today and found that they actually have a structured “ground school” program followed by tests and flight tests.

It looks to be pretty comprehensive, has anyone gone through this?

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Short of doing your real PPL this is very very good. I have a real PPL even formerly IFR rated but I took the Vatstar PPL to brush up on some rusty knowledge and see if and how US procedures differ from European.

Very recommended but it is work especially for those entirely new to the topics. But very rewarding.


On my PPL rating with Vatstar right now! )


I think you hit the nail on the head here. I did the first recorded 1 hour video last night (11 part series) and they do assume you have some knowledge in certain areas. But, at least with it being recorded can pause and google what they are saying.

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Did you do the 11 week video series? (there’s 11 recorded videos they did as well).

This looks like what I’ve been needing. Do you know if you can pick between EU/UK/US etc phraseology?

I took a quick peak and I believe it’s all in US english. There are recorded sections from the instructors which is based out of the US.

And then the classroom material refereces the FAA which appears to be all in US english.

Ah… I’ll stick to CAP413 then :frowning:

Yeah. And the theoretical part is based on the freely available FAA Pilot- and Plane Flying Handbook. To pass the exam you have to know the content or at least the essentials of these two books.

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