Flight Trim / Autopilot problems

Hi i am new to flight siming
i am having a bit of a problem with flight trim and the autopilot
i have the x55 hotas and have set a scroll wheel to the trim the wheel clicks as you turn it and 1 click appears to move the trim wheel a little bit but this dose not seem consistent if i turn it 5 clicks some times the trim seams to do hardly any thing other times it seams to adjust a lot (the trim wheel always moves) so i dont think its my hotas but it could be

The other problem i have had is with autopilot i have just done a flight where mid way through atf asked for a change in height from 5000 ft to 6000 ft i turned the dial to 6000 ft when i turned on flc the plane went in to a steep clime and put the trim to maximum once i got it levelled out again no matter what i did the plane would go into a steep climb or dive

are they known problems (trying to catch up with the forums) or did i do something wrong
plane i was using was a Cessna 172 and a low level flight plan

I have this as well.

I also tried setting the trim to a wheel with similar results to what you saw. Instead I set trim to one of the HAT switches which allows me to either adjust it by a single point (if I just bump it) or by a larger amount (if I hold it for a sec or two).

And for mid flight if I’m changing altitude I’ll generally change the altitude and then turn on the vertical speed mode (VS) to control ascent/descent. Not a real pilot so take my comments with a grain of salt.

will try the hat switch could be my hotas not the first time i get random inputs from it

I’ve also had the trim goes to max when engaging autopilot problem. I’ve experienced this 5 - 10 times total. I’ve been flying the c172-g1000.

Could be a joystick issue, I couldnt fly autopilot until I calibrated the joystick, now everything is working so far!