Flight Velocity Trim Wheel Pro

I just got one. I have a question for anyone here who has this trim wheel and has used it successfully: What are your settings in the sim, and what’s your setting for the dial on the wheel itself?

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In controls options/Flight Velocity Trim Wheel Pro, its set for 'Elevator Trim Axis (-100 to 100%) assigned to Joystick Slider X. Then clicked sensitivity and changed Extremity Deadzone to 87%.

Thanks. I ended up returning my first one to Sporty’s for a refund. But this past May I bought one directly from Flight Velocity. I followed the adjustment directions online and it worked great for a couple of months. But a couple of weeks ago it stopped working. The controls adjustments hadn’t changed, but the in-sim trim wheel began gyrating wildly when I moved the Trim Wheel Pro. This was most obvious in the Daher Kodiak which has a large trim wheel. I plugged the Trim Wheel Pro into a different USB port; same problem. The PC recognized the connection, but the Trim Wheel Prop no longer worked. So I’m now trimming with the toggle on my Logitech Yoke and the small trim wheel on my Logitech multipanel.