Flightbeam Auckland [NZAA] Preview Screenshots & Release Date

It’s been a pleasure beta testing this one on behalf of Flightbeam. I’m happy to share the news that the official release date for their long awaited MSFS NZAA Auckland airport scenery has now been set to Tuesday, November 9 at 12pm PST / 8pm UTC with a price of $19.99 USD!


Can’t wait!

With any luck this means NZWN is only a week or two after. :crossed_fingers:

Have to second zkdos here, really impressed with the quality of this. Makes Auckland an incredible base, especially when paired with the Orbx Auckland landmarks pack.


The flightbeam product page is now live:

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Oh I get the deal now,just getting everyone primed and ready .Thanks for letting us know ZK DOS.

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I’ll add my very own preview screenshot. :joy:

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Sold out? How???

it’s not released until tomorrow (9th).

Ah right ok. Just a strange way to put it…

Have to say… A very long time coming (Auckland hasnt looked this great since FSX and have to say… that it was one of the few global airports to have missed any major development…)
What an wonderful/fantastic addition to the now growing list of developments here in NZ regarding flight sim!!! All we need now is for more water masking in key locations such as the Manakau harbour and Northland and a big big redevelopment to Tauranga/BOP coastline (that generic texturing along some of the most beautifulist coastlines sucks hard)

Just one gripe coming from someone who can talk​:grin: Who spent hours and many long nights not getting any​:rofl::wink: while attempting the current MSFS SDK for his very first airport… and tackling the biggest airport in NZ and one of the best airports in Australasia… Auckland…

I hope that the developers add in the left and right gates (It seemed to work for me in regards to no aircraft parking on the main stand when others were on 16L 16R although I had three jetways for them to work properly and the additional parking stands along with one missing Cargo gate at the main international terminal along with the DHL stand also…
Please Please… For us GA pilot wannabes… Please add the GA stand that was next to the Air NZ mantainance stand that I had in my Auckland airport

Apart from that and I hope there is an update in the near future if not… When Auckland finally gets her 2nd runway along with the integrated domestic/international terminal…
A+++ from me

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