Flightbeam KPDX add on issue (no jetway)


Odd thing is happening. I have purchased the Flightbeam KPDX add on. Love it. Looks great. But something odd is happening.

When I spawn at Gate D10 for example (middle of the terminals) there is no Jetway. Just the building.

When pan over and look at the north side of that terminal there is no gates there either.

Oddly enough, if I spawn not on a terminal rather a parking spot away from the airport terminals and then fly over in the drone all the gates have jetways.

Even D10 has a jetway now. But when I spawn there there is nothing.

Any idea why this is occurring? Is it a SU5 issue. I checked Flightbeam and didn’t see any updates.

For the record I’m using FBW developmental A320 when testing this. I wouldn’t think that effected the airport considering when I don’t spawn on the gate the jetways seem to be there.

Thanks for any help/advice.

I have KPDX installed since the alpha days and it works great for me.

Interesting… I’m not sure what’s happening. The gates are there. When I don’t load into them. They appear and show up. But seems when I use them to start from they are not there.

Only thing I can think of is trying a different plane. Which would be odd if that was the reason. But who knows!

Hi. It’s a bug from SU5. Here’s a post discussing the issue from the developer forum: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/1472/jetway-issues-on-su-5.html