FlightControlReplay v4.5 for MsFs JUNE UPDATE is ONLINE (PCPILOT Awarded, Single AI / Formation Camera and Control , Realtime Modification in Recorded Flight etc)

Fabio Merlo presents the new version 4.5 of FlightControlReplay Professional : the most complete recording and replay software, with numerous and advanced features, compatible with multiple flight simulators.

For what ? FlightControlReplay records, replays, rewinds, simulates formation flight and restores your flight in your last known position in case of Crash To Desktop (in ReLive Instant Mode).

For who ? Simmers flying with MSFS, P3D V5-V1 and FSX.

Official Trailer :

Official Webpage : https://flightcontrolreplay.wordpress.com/


Limitations and advices for usage with MSFS :

  • For resume flight after you used INSTANTREPLAY feature please click STOP BUTTON 2 times
  • Please run only FlightControlReplay.exe in FlightcontrolreplayMSFS folder !
  • If you use FCR options “Load Replay Without load initial flight situation” you CAN LEAVE AI REAL TIME and AI TRAFFIC
    if you uncheck this option you must put AI OFFLINE and G.A and airline sliders to 0 until ASOBO dont fix this behaviour i hope in next simupdate (he told me)
    BUT FOR THIS YOU HAVE WORKAROUND => Check “Load Replay without load initial flight situation” flag In that case you are able LOAD YOUR FLIGHT RECORDED ALSO WITH REAL TIME AI or G.A and AIRLINE SLIDER SET TO MAX!
  • Be sure load a FreeFlight in MSFS before Play or Load a flight recorded via FCR
  • Be sure press ReadyToFly button in MSF before play a fcr recorded flight
  • Shortcut with one key at a time, combination of 2 keys in the same time is not supported
  • Zoom in / out from FlightControlReplay UI not available
  • A few simulator variables are recorded but are not played because of the remaining bugs in MSFS
  • Disable plane crash detection in MSFS

I - What’s new in FlightControlReplay Professional version 4.5 ?

➔ Microsoft Flight Simulator support added

➔ Video Rendering Mode : Records a MP4 compressed video rendered with frame by frame technology of FCR for a smooth video whatever the FPS you had in the sim.

➔ Change Recording Camera : Any simulator camera available anytime. FCR lets you select any simulator default camera available during your flight replay. Select the views among the Cockpit / External / Showcase categories, instruments and external views supported by tghe sim.

➔ Re-Live Instant Replay : Rewind and Play again. FCR is also a live recorder and player. While flying in Instant Replay mode, go backward over the last 2 minutes. Avoid your last error and resume the flight whener you want, and replay correctly.

➔ PlayAsAI : Simulate formation flight with your recorded flight played by AI. Ghosts aircraft can fly beside, above or behind you. FCR makes your recorded flight a customizable flight path applied to AI aircraft. Setup the offset distance and angle easily. Unlimited number of ghosts with more instances of FCR.

➔ Automatic Change Camera(APRIL UPDATE): Call and activate any custom cockpit camera, smartcam or other default MSFS / P3D camera by choosing a keyboard shortcut ! Setup the keyboard shortcut, that you configured in “MSFS Controls section”, inside the CameraChange Dialog and this will be be triggered at the chosen frame. When Replay reaches this frame, FCR triggers the keyboard shortcut and automatically activates the Camera Change that you set.

➔ VR support (APRIL UPDATE) : FlightControlReplay can be used also in all VR Environments via key mapping AND for Windows Mixed Reality Headset. You can also run FlightControlReplay directly into the cockpit and you can see FCR User Interface for full use!

➔ “Continuous Loop” (APRIL UPDATE) playing option added to P3D, like we did for MSFS

➔ Always On Top (APRIL UPDATE) overlay option (added to P3D like in MSFS version)

➔ Record/Play Algorithm : Enhancements, stutter fixed with PlayAsAI

➔ Load Replay with/without flight situation settings : When you load your recorded flight in FCR, choose to restore the weather/time/aircraft or keep your current situation settings.

➔ Restore your plane in last known position in case of Crash To Desktop : Re-Live Instant Replay must be activated

➔ Video Rendering Speed option : (1/4 - x4) for User Object and also for AI Objects

➔ Microsoft “Surface Dial Integration” : in P3D Enhanced + MSFS (FSX not supported)

➔ FlightIllusion “GSA-42 integration” : compass hardware module support added

➔ DOFREALITY Motion platform : support added

II - More existing features in FlightControlReplay :

• Airliner Add-ons enhanced support for recording and playing :

◦ PMDG 737 / 777 / 747

◦ Majestic Q400

◦ QualityWings 787 Ultimate Collection

• InGame Dynamic Text during Replay : User can write customizable notes at any point in a Replay Flight loaded in FCR using Dynamic Text buttons that appears below the time slider.

• Parallel 42 (ex-FSFX) Immersion Effects Compatibility : User can see Immersion Effects on his airplane! Also directly when you replay with FlightControlReplay!

• Helicopters Enhancements User can Record and Play Flight Situation also with Helicopters!

• PlayMode Simulation Rate User can modify the Simulation Rate (during the PlayMode) using 4 buttons in main User Interface (2x, 8x, Slow and Fast). This allows to edit more complex videos and to analyze in a better way your flight maneuvers.

• Introduce Multi Instances Thanks to the system architecture renewed, you can manage more than one instance of FCR at the same time.

• Customizable Record FrameRate User can choose at which Frame Rate he wants to record the flight situation. FPS allowed are from 0 to 99.

• Custom Altitude Trigger Value to Start Recording User can choose at which Altitude (above or below) the system can start recording the flight.

• X-Box Controller support This allows to move the timeline slider and / or map buttons for Play / Record / Stop / Pause features.

• Voice Command Recognition for all record and play features of FCR Now you can speak to the software and it starts to record, play, go forward and go backward according to your voice command.

• Start recording automatically if you fly (above or below) determinated Altitude: Use this option and set an altitude value to make the system start recording above or below the desired altitude

• Automatically export flight data for GOOGLE Earth 3d and Maps Format (KMLFile): The User can choose to save automatically a new KML file with the same name as the flight recorded to view it in Google Earth 3D (or Google Maps). Watch the 3D rendering of the recorded flight in Google Earth 3D and analyze it !

• Record Audio During Flight Recording: User can select an hardware audio input (ex. Microphone) to record both audio and flight data.

• Play Recorded Audio during Play Mode: User can choose to play recorded audio during a flight replay or not.

• Set Device Button shortcuts for in-flight controls.

Next updates for more features, more improvements, will be FREE for registered users !


This is one of my beta tester video :

This video use FRAMEBYFRAME FlightControlReplay proprietary Algorithm.


REVIEW on HugoThester:



This is something that asobo should have had since launch. All simulators have it. It is a widely used feature for creatives and simmers who like to share in YT and other social media.



My addon it is not only a replay system , it is a tool that it is used by you tubers , streamers , flight school… with a deep that will grow in the years and growth in the past with other sims .

Thanks for appreciate it


Hi !

I m quite ready to go out with Closed Beta 2 … stay tuned ! I want thank you all customers that already have v4 and all my beta testers !

I want share with you a couple of the most appreciated features during this beta stage :smiley:

-Smooth and 0 jitter playback (thanks to my proprietary algorithm)
-Trigger Change Camera points during replay
-Re-Live feature (instant replay mode)
**- 100 parameters recorded for user plane **
-Video Rendering (using MPEG compressed codec) with framebyframe custom technology

My addon will be not only a replay system but also a training system … and also for the future i have a lot of surprise about replay mode and training purpose ! And also a lot of features for Video creators !

Stay tuned ! And remember that all my major and minor updates are FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS of previous versions! You buy one and you have apart MSFS version also p3d version , fsx version and esp version !

Stay tuned !

FlightControlReplay developer


Hi Fabio, A quick question and apologies if already answered elsewhere, but will the app have capability to “stay on top” of screen? When I’m flying full screen, I would prefer this capability if possible.

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I agree, yet we have to resort to third party stuff. So far, I have a clean core MSFS installation. No Addons, None. I will wait until most of the core msfs issues have been resolved before I add any of the free ware, pay ware, commercial ware…etc. It is getting harder and harder to wade through the 3rd party Ads to find discussions concerning the core, unadulterated MSFS program.

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Hi !! Thank you for your support !!!

Yes definitely my default behaviour is to go on top of flight sim window :muscle:

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New youtubers video added ! New Closed Beta 2 released to all beta testers today !

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Could you please rework the UI? Do they have to be that large?

I would suggest that Asobo should forget the one they are working on. Yours is really going to set the pace for replays. After seeing yours, don’t think there will be a match. Keep it up, but like I asked, please rework the UI

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I started rework a couple of months ago , I rewriting it also for a product version that I cannot talk about .

FlightControlReplay vNext UI will be simple , easy and user friendly !

Now with FlightControlReplay v4.5 our journey start and continue … :muscle:

Every major or minor updates will be free for all previous customers ! As usual with my policy .

Thank for comments ! And for support ! And I want thank you all customers that believe in my project since fsx and esp and continued with p3d and now with msfs! And Asobo and Microsoft that helped me and all 3rd party community in this long year of development !


I was wondering if you have any idea when this will be released? I can’t wait to use it!

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But you will have to wait !!

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Hi! Thank you for your support!

We are in-time to release in january ! :wink:


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Can’t wait for this. I love watching my landing back and I’m glad that this app will bring replay functionally.

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Added new Preview video from FSELITE !



I have seen that you can change weather and time conditions, which is pretty cool. If I change the weather conditions to see what my landing had looked like, will the replay system save the weather conditions that occured during the actual landing so I can go back to it?

Hi! You ll can save situation when you start record and you can change weather meanwhile … saving of weather into a recorded flight will be performed as soon as will be fixed one bug ms and asobo side

Still in time? :wink: Checking simmarket downloads every day, sometimes twice a day! :smiley:

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Hi all!

I set a date , a build that will be RTM that i ll release to simmarket will be between Sunday 31 and 6 February . I need to build a Closed Beta 4 , test and i m ready to go out !

I know there are a lot of noise about but i want all things perfect for the release



Sono curioso e impaziente ! Grazie :wink:

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