FlightControlReplay v4.5 for MsFs JUNE UPDATE is ONLINE (PCPILOT Awarded, Single AI / Formation Camera and Control , Realtime Modification in Recorded Flight etc)

Is there a limit on how long you can replay for? Would be cool if you can watch the whole approach back again.

Hi!! No limit bud !! :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Any updates or status of release on flight control replay

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Next Month I believe.

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Mb today who knows… let @Kartijno do his thing and will know when he is ready for the release


Last info was anytime between today and next weekend. Just let the dev do his work. I find it better to get a finished product without any bigger issues than to have a early release and one or two patches in the next days. We had to wait so long for a complete solution that there’s no issue in waiting for another week if the product is done well.

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I m proud share with you one of the last minute surprise for the upcoming FlightControlReplayv4.5:

  • Load Replay On-The-Fly without reload a flight situation

Is today the day? :sunglasses: hopeful…

Fabio posted yesterday that it will be “1 week max”.


Hi Fabio, thank you for developing this tool. Question: can one edit the recorded files, or create files from scratch to replay in the simulator? Specifically, I would like to define the position and attitude of the airplane through a data file. FSRecorder had this capability; you could create a text file defining the position and attitude of the airplane (and instrument readings), and then convert it into an .frc file for replay in FSX.

I would like this capability in order to animate and visualize data recorded on a real airplane. I think there would be quite a market for this capability in the aviation industry (beyond my own use!)

Thanks again


Hi John,

Thank you for your support ! I m very happy move all this community , using my replay tool not only for replay but also for other aspect …

In the FCR v4.5 you can define a AI plane or a formation that can have an altitude custom starting from original altitude .

But I have in my backlog to support your request in a funny way , I cannot tell you more for now , but I ll write you in pvt next days :call_me_hand:.


Thanks Fabio! I look forward to hearing more.

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Hey Fabio, Como estas? Do you know what the release date will be?


Much anticipation

Indeed. Very keen to see this soon.

Fabio, one question I have noticed that other replay software like FS Playground are have some issues when replaying scenes where the landing gear is not set as it was in the original scene. Is this solved in FCR? Thanks!

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Hi !

I don’t noticed issue with landing gears in FCR .


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Obviously Waiting for World Update 3.

Hi !

I had RTM version in my hand ! Thank you to all beta tester! I want remember Beta testing is not closed . Will remain active because i have a lot of surprises in next months / weeks

I think this is a journey that it is only on start block … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I want remember all people that FlightControlReplay is protected with professional tools and source code is crypted, for keep secret on my Intelletual property and for avoid decompiling :grinning:

I want remember that I m one of the 3rd party officially recognised that Microsoft and Asobo choosed to work with . This collaboration helped me reach this target and help me in the future of FCR vNext

Thank you to all customers for the patience and Official Release Comunicationfollow will follow in the next days !

FlightControlReplay v4.5 will be online via simmarket in this week

In the meantime here you have FlightControlReplay trailer:


hey cool, looking forward and if you need some more beta testers, let me know :wink:

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