Flightpath completely distorted

Hey there! When creating a flight plan for the FBWa32nx using SimBrief I notice that the Flightpath near the IAF is completely distorted. A couple of waypoints included the deceleration point (D) are located outside the green line. See screenshot. Is this a bug? How to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Not a bug. You are currently flying too fast for it to make that sharp turn. It’s probably using your programmed cruise or descent speed to make these initial calculations.

As you slow down for the approach while flying, things will look more normal.

Alternately, you could manually vector yourself farther west of the waypoint and come in at a more manageable angle.


Sir, I am NOT flying too fast. I am NOT flying at all. I am on the GROUND! And as you can see the flightpath is already distorted before I take off…

However, I will try to fix this adding a Pilot/Custom Waypoint like so → place / bearing / distance - and see if my solution does the trick.:slight_smile:

It’s often caused by an approach waypoint, as to why I don’t really know.
I have seen this a few times.
I deleted a waypoint (I had to play around to find which one).
I suspect either Altik or CI33Z.
I would try CLR on CI33Z first

As I said: “It’s probably using your programmed cruise or descent speed to make these initial calculations.”

EDIT: Let me just add one note. You would never see a flight path like that in real life, either. That is an angle that the plane simply can’t fly, but the FBW code attempts to draw it none-the-less. You would be vectored in at a much more appropriate angle, so in instances like this, you should try to add a waypoint to make the turns proper if you want to just let the AP fly the whole route, or you should intervene and fly in HDG mode to get better lined up before using the MCDU to fly DIRECT to the start of the approach.

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