Flightplans don't work

Hi new to the Forum.Been having issues where a flightplan with multiple airports disappears after landing at one of the airports in between.I land shut down the engine and the flightplan disappears.Also have an issue where if I do save a flight plan before shutting down and then reopen it then it doesn’t open properly.Anyone else having flightplan issues???

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Oh yeah been having a lot of problems with it. For me, waypoints and routes dont work at all. They never show up in the world while flying or on the map. And i know they are enabled in the options. Its kinda killing my desire to play the game. Only way for me to get where i want to go is by sight.

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Hey sport cheers for the reply.Yeah know it’s buggy as hell at this time.Just trying a flight plan in Ireland again.I’ll land but not shut down. Basically Just VFR at this time.It’s still new though so I’ll give them the benefit for now.Do like the look of the aircraft though and the scenery is generally stunning when their isn’t missing things there.LOL.Can only get better.

Yeah its going to have some long legs. Maybe a decade, but some of this stuff that doesnt work right like flight plans and waypoints is so critical to the game that its hard to understand how they released it without such basic functions working at all. Crazy

Flight plans work for me. Not sure why your having problems.

A lot of these bugs are really random. There are problems others are having that dont happen for me. In my game waypoints and routes dont work and they work for others.

Myflight plan is ok for this morning so far after landing at my 1st airport on the way but I’m worried about turning off the engine.That screwed it last time.If it has worked for someone else that’s good to hear.Yeah I’m hearing somethings work for person A but not person B.Just one of those things I guess.Time will tell.

Perhaps mimicking real life? Practice there is to file a flight plan only for airport to airport, at least that’s what the instructions on the flight plan form say when I last used them.

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LOL. Yeah that’s a pain but might have to do that.lol

Lol.20 mins from final destination and the bloody Sim crashed to desktop…Gotta love this.HaHaa.

If you shut the plane off (battery or GPU for instance) the flight plan is gone. You have to file another flight plan. If you taxi refuel and request departure without power off it should stay.

Saw someone else on the forums saying the current flight plan system is really only designed around 1 hop trips. It’s kind of annoying, especially if people are looking to make long flights in GA aircraft and want to make stops for fuel (currently the system treats a shutdown as end of flight). But it’s not the end of the world for now, they probably have bigger issues on there plate.

yep thats about it

Oh well always room to improve.

I create my multiple leg flight plans in navigraph (e.g. Across Canada in GA) and then fly airport to airport creating that single flight plan just before the leg. This is closer to how you might actually do it anyways as you’d file each flight plan for the next leg at different times.

When you land and turn off your electronics the sim thinks your flight is complete and even brings up the finish menu at times to close out. I assume this process is what’s wiping your existing flight plan…