Flights seem to be fraught with issues

I’m a convert from X-plane 11 and 10, but have been a flight simmer since FS98. I have been frustrated with the FS2020 since I converted, and my most recent flight seems to encapsulate a lot of the issues:

  1. Live weather and weather in general is just not reliable. It doesn’t match live METARs. The own ATIS I am getting from the field I am landing doesn’t match the conditions I’m flying into.

  2. The Garmin navigation systems are very unreliable - you never know what they are going to do. Specifically, I have had issues with the King Air’s GPS system - which when I plug in an approach it doesn’t seem to load properly from the point I am at to the first fix on the approach plate. I can’t seem to find where to advance to the next waypoint in the navigation system. On the Bonanza’s PFD and GPS/Flight Plan system, you can even read the waypoints and can not zoom in. Also, I have the same issues loading procedures and cannot seem to advance to the next waypoint on the plan if I need to. Further, RNAV approaches and vertical guidance seem to be extremely hit or miss.

  3. Autopilot doesn’t seem to properly capture all the time.

  4. ATC assigns unrealistic runways. I.E. RNAV approach for 16, circle to land 24 in 3 nm visibility and fog at KPWK??? They would most likely have you just land on 16.

I’m coming to this board for assistance - I am just trying to get a reliable and consistent sim experience. I bought this product, and they shouldn’t have sold it if was half-baked. It clearly needs to have been in beta testing for a lot longer to work out a bunch of bugs. I’m losing patience rapidly with this simulator.