Flightsim- credits. what are they and how are they used?

hi all ,
i am having some problems understanding what flight sim credits are actually for and how they are used . can some one please break down the actual process for using these ? apologies if this come across as a stupid question but i cant make sense of it all . this is my first PC game and my first time using FS / MS .

thanks in advance !


I think they are used to buy DLC items from the marketplace.

I did a test, and bought myself a £15 Microsoft Gift card on the store, the black one, not the green XBox one. When purchased you then receive a code, your typical string of letters, and numbers.

I then redeemed that code against my account, which credited me with £15. I then bought an airport from the store, and it deducted the cost from my credit, leaving me with just over £3.


thanks for taking the time with this …

so when you buy a plane (lets say) you buy it in your currency using your credit card , right ? then you buy / buy and download . this then get converted to flight sim credits …after you have it , am i right with this ?
it so confusing .

If you buy something on the in-sim store, and you have no credit on your account, which I would guess is most people, when you buy something with your card, you buy enough “credits” to buy the item outright.

If you had credit on your account like I did, you convert that money into enoug ph credits to buy the item.

It no different to having credit on your Steam account in that regard.

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