access speed

Just wondering if anyone else has recently started to experience very slow login times to get into the website? My PC speeds have not changed for any other websites so do not expect the cause to be related to my system.?

not for me, it’s ok

No problem here. Upload fast as well :wink:

Can I confirm that for a few days the page loads very slowly. Possibly it has to do with our provider routes, if not all have the problem. I am from Germany and Telekom is my provider.

My internet is so slow that I am starting to get angry!
Updating DCS to change from Beta to full version to test my new F-16 cockpit downloads with 400kb/s… (when was the last time I have seen 400kb/s ah I think that was back in 2004 when using one of these USB 2.0 flash-drive internet sticks with sim card inserted…).
Listening to YouTube audiobooks or trying to launch Flight Sim 20 (or even try to stream some Disney+) makes it even worse :smiley:

But to answer your question - is accessed in a relative normal speed, with 15 seconds of waiting time to start a download.

On a slightly different note, but akin…does a y one know why is so totally low res, pictures and whole site is grainy and fussy.

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No issues with speed and quality observed on my end.

Today unlike the other days it goes very slow

I noticed last night that loading times were slower than normal. Just checked again, and the graphics seem to take an unusually long time to load compared to the instantaneous response it normally has. I wouldn’t say it’s unacceptably slow by any means, but more like it’s not as performant as it normally is.

From what I’m seeing, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bandwidth / connection issue, but more like a server load / performance issue since the actual download speeds are as fast as ever.