FlightSim World Tour

I’ve made a YouTube channel specialized on VR content – most are VR POV videos, but I’m working on creating 3D immersive videos too.

I’ve got now a shorter address:

My latest video is of my flight at Fernando de Noronha today. It’s an oceanic island 360 Km from Brazilian coast. It has already been a prison, a radar station and the airport which allowed the Allied to fly their airplanes from the USA to Europe during WWII.

This video has been made with a custom scenario (link at the video description) and Floyd’s Epic Clouds.

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3D immersive take off from Bacacheri Airport (SBBI)

This is my newest upload. I talked about it at another topic (Recording 360 video in msfs - #17 by poetalirico) and this is actually a demonstration of the technique described there. But I liked it a lot! :wink:

I’ll now produce a longer one, based on the video I uploaded before this (LULA13 decola e sobe a rampa do Planalto - YouTube).

This is the second part of the video I mentioned above. This is a passing by the Christ the Reedeemer at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I had to slow down significantly both the production of the immersive video and flightsimming last month, but I plan to resume in the next few days.

Today I’ve flied (and recorded) the first two steps of the new glider training of SU11. I’ll make a series of it (and probably a glider only playlist). The first upload of this is a short of the second step (winch takeoff):

The first part of the above-mentioned glider training is on YouTube! (It’s already somedays there, but I was sick and could not write about it here. Right now, I’m finally editing the second part – my three tries until I succeeded on the winched take off.)

And here it is the 2nd glider lesson – all my 3 attempts. I have found absolutely no difference on the winch sound, and so I decided to disconnect the cable at the top of climb. Has anyone had the same issue?

(I tried to publish it almost one month ago, but had a problem with YouTube.)