Flightsimulator.exe and track ir

hi all,where the point exe ?i buy mfs on store and I would like to connect my camera track ir and I need to give it the path to the .exe thanks

Hello! Sorry for the menù in italian, but is my mother languige. I whrite the name in english, for you.

  1. first you need to search for developer mode on windows.

    Scroll down and then find the list of browse files.
  2. Press on show setting and will apper you an opsion page.
    Opzioni Esplora file 13_09_2020 14_01_56
  3. turn on hidden files and folders
  4. serch the game into C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps
    In my case is Acer (C:) and open user.

    Now you clik on your name
    Open the hidden folder call “App Data”

    then on the “local” folder

    Now “Microsoft”

    Press on the folder “Windowsapp”

    And finally you find Flightsimulator.exe

Hope this help you! :wink:

ciao e grazie ho trovato il punto exe ma voglio usarlo con AItrack + opentrack e non posso usare poit exe perché non posso usare il percorso

Try to see my Topic on AItrack; maybe can help you! :wink:

opentrack is free , set output to Freetrack 2.0 Enhanced < default when running, MSFS2020 will see it as trackir. no need to set exe files or path’s…

If you have the original Track IR, then you just need to update the game list in the Track IR Software and it will just start working when you start MSFS.
I made the mistake in the beginning to try to configure Track IR within MSFS and was confused. After updating the game list in the Track IR Software everything just works. It even works when I start MSFS first and forgot to start the Track IR Software. I just start it afterwards and it just works :slight_smile:

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merci à tous pour vos réponses et comme j’ai le track ir original je vais le rebrancher