Float flying is cool but…

Having fun with the float planes but…has anyone tried to extend the landing gear while in the water and taxiing onto a hard surface? I’ve tried 3 times by taking off from Pearson’s field (KVUO) and landing in the Columbia and trying to taxi onto Government Island, only to have the sim tell me I’ve crashed into an immovable object. Tried to turn crash detection off but there is no switch for that, only a slider in Legacy mode. What’s going on here? TIA.


I’ve gone successfully from water to land once in the 172. Haven’t tried again because water handling for the default amphibs is so bad. I should fire up the OzX Goose Redux and see how it does

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  1. Don’t be in legacy mode, that’s for FSX converts only
  2. Crash detection is in Assistance not Flight Model

Just tested the OzX Goose. Was able to transition from land to water and then creep back up on land again successfully.

Just a tip, a good airfield for testing this is Dog Fish Bay (AK07) because it’s a single grass runway right right at the water’s edge with basically no embankment.

PHNL is supposed to have a beaching ramp and dock at the end of 8W. All that’s there in the sim is an artifact in the water map.

Have been able to lower the gear on water and taxi on the land in the C172, XCub and Icon A5. Also notice that when you lower the gear when in the water your wake also changes. I think you need to be pretty slow before you lower the gear on the water.

Yes, MSFS stock scenery really falls down hard with anything related to watercraft, harbors and docks… Looks semi-good from a few thousand feet up but at close distance looks at best like everything sunk.

Maybe not all land masses are able to accept amphibious aircraft. I don’t know but I’m gonna turn off legacy mode and look for crash detection again in assists. Thanks for the replies!

The on water part of float flying is abysmally inaccurate

Where can you download this aircraft?..I’ve tried Googling it… but just wind up with a 240kbs download speed…Flightsim.to apparently doesn’t have it listed, only a add on livery.

What aircraft are you talking about?

Ozx Goose…

Thanks mate…I was rapidly going in decreasing circles…

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