Floating lights

just tried the Aspen landing challenge and noticed many of the street/ground lights floating (maybe 1000ft} above ground

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This is a bug with this airport. You can also see floating people above the airport apron sometimes .


I have floating lights (UFOS) in some places e.g. LOWI LSZS …

this is not a bug from LOWI !

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I found floating lights all over hong kng island.

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I’ve seen these in quite a few places too. There are a number around CYVK Vernon and not just at the airport, but a considerable distance from it.

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I’m pretty sure this is an issue with lights in general, rather than being specific to an airport or location. I’ve seen them all over eastern Pennsylvania, at airports and everywhere in between.


Had these floating lights blobs ( mainly white colour, some red) since the early alfa. They are supposed to be street lights, but they are floating high up. It has been reported many times in the forums. I am surprised that after the full release and 2 patches, still not resolved.

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+1 this issue; still happens to date.

Seen it:

  • CYKF
  • KLGA
  • LOWI

I’m pretty sure this is engine specific (maybe the lights and terrain loading simultaneously accidentally moves the lights up a few feet???)

It seems that the lights are duplicated by a street level counterpart, I think the lights are spawning twice and the initially generated lights aren’t getting deleted?

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I just saw these tonight at LOWI. Really strange looking. I fooled around for about 30 minutes just out of curiosity… using the Drone camera to get right up close.

Hopefully, there is a fix coming up for this at all the Airports it appears at.

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There are also lots of floating lights all around the new Hachijojima Airport. Really annoying during the new landing challenge :rage:
I don’t get how something like this can be missed in the new content, since this floating lights bug surely must be known by now…

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CZST same issue…

I was flying just north of KVNY at 2000 feet and was passing street lights at that altitude.

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How delete it?

Floating street lamps still there. Even trying the halloween landing challenge shows it.

Floating lights other streets are killing immersive experience. Seems the increase them. One step forward, two steps backward…

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My Halloween landing challenge has floating lights all over it. I’ve seen some pretty bad areas, this one should have caught their attention at least.

Yet another ZD ticket…

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yes i am getting that nearly everywhere…have you reported it to zendesk or nothing will get done

I reported it for Hong Kong

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Well done mate…me too…south of France…

I too have seen new constellations of street lighting in the sky. Wonder if they’ve named them? :wink: