Floating planes

Anyone else having floating planes at the airport? I searched but couldn’t find previous reports. Thanks!

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Without labels its impossible to tell, but I have seen this when multiplayer users may or may not have custom airport scenery, and the ground is at a different height.

If you have it, and they don’t they may appear to float.


That’s also an issue with some addon planes where the contact points aren’t correct for use with AI for some reason, like the BBS L-19. But, in this case, I agree with @hobanagerik .

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cheers guys, have the gatwick addon scenery so could be that. Traffic/Multiplayer is off.


I don’t know what airport you’re at (that would be helpful information), but seeing that “Virgin Atlantic” sign on the hangar in the last screen shot suggests you’re using 3rd party scenery.

If these are other players’ planes, it’s likely as @hobanagerik said. Other users don’t have the scenery, so elevations are different for them than they are for you.

If these are AI or “parked setpiece” planes, then it’s likely the scenery devs need to fix it.

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ahh it’s the IVAO traffic pack i installed to get the real liveries. Totally forgot i had this installed in the community folder :upside_down_face:


That’s likely your issue then vs it being an issue with the sim itself. It’s easy enough to test it out. Move it out of your community folder and see if it fixes your issue. If yes, then you know what it is. If you can deal with floating planes for the benefit of the liveries, then put it back in. If not, well, then you have to deal with default plane models and liveries.

Neither solution is ideal, unfortunately. You just have to determine what’s more important to you.

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yeh thanks very much, i’ve removed the pack for now :+1:


Fata morgana

I always thought that planes were meant to float :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could say these are classified as Floatplanes.

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I have had it before where a friend online was floating until I pressed the ‘B’ key to sort out my QNH (I know, lazy, but it takes ages to turn that knob LOL) and he then came down to the ground. Could be a different weather/pressure setting, but to be honest not tested it thoroughly.

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