Flour bombing and precision landing

I wish someone would create an add on where we could do the two #1 things that make a fly in popular…besides the show off your airplane thing.
Flour bombing and precision landing.
Bombing: we use 2 lb bags of Flower and aim for a 6’ diameter target at about 600’ AGL.
Precision landing is getting the mains down between 2 lines 10’ apart.
Winner usually wins the donation money for his choice of charity.
Window open with wind optional for the sim without causing a "serious damage " shut down in the sim.
Fixed wing class
AND the Most popular…STOL!

First place was a WW2 YAK …with a bomb sight


barnstorming add on , like it

They used to have a flower bombing activity in FSX, one in particular with a Cub and a dock in the lake. It’s been a long time!

That brings back memories.
This and finding sheep.

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Buzzing the sheep…and I thought I was old school…
Now I want to watch Silver Streak…

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