Flt Sim shutting down in the middle of a flight

I spend 5 minutes loading the game, choosing the plane and the airports, etc. I get on the runway and “POOF” the entire program shuts down, over and over again! I tried lowering the defaults to Medium" and it still happens. I am running an i-9 chip with 32Gigs of ram (16 gigs for the graphic card)

I can’t even fly VFR! Anyone else having this issue?

Even without mod ?

Lots of people are having these problems! Mine is with Flybywires A320nx. If I select it, as soon as I click on fly now, zap CTD! I only have two favorite planes to fly in this sim, and that was one of them.

If you’re experiencing crashes on loading in, these are the steps I’d take to troubleshoot:

  1. Remove ALL mods from your community folder and try again. This includes liveries and scenery packs.
  2. If you still get the issue, try from a different airport, as their are often locational issues

Beyond that, there’s not a lot. you can do. That should at least mean that the problem isn’t due to add-ons or a location. If it’s still crashing after that, then you’re likely one of the many users currently unable to play until the world update in 3 weeks when they claim to be addressing these issues.

Also remove any OC from your settings.

If you have RTX30xx try some undervolted overclocking and avoid excessive boosting.

Try dev mode (hidden) it works

I understand your frustration with these CTD. There is a main thread for this issue that is found here:

In order to keep all posts on this matter consolidated in one thread I am going to close this now and suggest discussion continues in that master thread.

I hope this gets resolved soon!