Fly around Manchester today with Live Weather

Its pretty brutal :).


I was just trying to think of somewhere to fly and you’ve just saved me the effort.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Veryyy windy :smiley:

Best be in a nice small plane then :wink:

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Im in a 172. It sounds like a uboat at 200m so far!

Recommend airport to take off from?

Any near by, or from Manc int if you like the challenge. 71kn winds between 30 and 50 flight level.

Ceilings 1000

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Wind is actually working for you?

My wind is always 3kts at every altitude no matter what.

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Oh my word. Just done EGCC to EGNE, over the Peak District, in a C152, and I’m not sure that would have been too good in a VR headset. :slight_smile:

Yes, you could say that the live weather is working in Manchester. I live just South of EGNE and 60 or so miles from Manchester, and it is very windy and raining here.

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I’ve had 100 success rating in UK/Western Europe so far :slight_smile:

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Its mad, its stalling my auto pilot and im basically facing 45 degrees left of where im going.

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and very bumpy. The sounds these aircraft make are scarily good. I thought the wings were falling off. :slight_smile:

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I wish they’d put a shorter visible range on the other players’ labels though, say 10nm.

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Ahh i turned those off because of that.

It depends where you fly. The wind does work in the UK