Fly-By-Wire A320 Issues

So this is a strange one which I cannot find an answer too. Every time when I try to takeoff in the FlyByWire A320 upon rotation the aircraft “overstresses” and as a result crashes…

I don’t know what is happening, here is the state: At Vr I pull back very slightly, nose pulls up (not even 2 degree’s) and then it crashes. NO TAIL Strike, I double checked. Everything is writhing parameters I’ve even used TacView to see if something was over stressing, nothing….

Any help would be appreciated, I haven’t been able to fly this thing for months!!!


OH. One other thing…. If I do a “start on the runway” departure with the Asobo A320, no issues. Takes off like a dream. And if I do a “start on the runway” with the FBW 320 and do not program the MCDU, also, no issues, takes off perfectly…? ■■■???

Just go to your Assistance setting, Set them all to True to Life first as a base.
Then open the damage submenu, and turn off Crash Damage, Engine Stress Damage, and Aircraft/frame stress damage.

How’d it took you months without checking the crash setting? I had this issue as well, and I went straight to the crash setting the first time I experience it and turn it off… And I’m back to flying again in 5 minutes.

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This is strange. I have all stress and crash settings activated since the beginning of MSFS/A32NX. Had a stress failure maybe once or twice since then.

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I had this too quite often in the beginning and it was just bad airmanship with me. I simply forgot to set the trim at takeoff. So the plane doesn’t gently lift its weight as it starts accelerating over the runway.

Try manually setting it at/above +1,5 and I’ll guarantee no more overstresses.

It is recommended to turn them off. Overstress/damage doesnt work well with xertain addons.

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Thanks for the help.
I don’t like having crash damage detection turned off as I feel that it takes away from the realism, that being said I understand that some mods require it to be turned off (Hard Deck Simulations). As to the trim settings, I try to follow real-world procedures so take-off trim is dependent on runway length, weather, weights, etc.
My concern now, is IF crash must be turned off when using the FBW mod, should that be documented somewhere??? Either way, I suppose if I want to fly the FBW I’ll have to suck-it-up and turn it off… Maybe FENIX won’t have this issue?

Im simming since over a decade and crash detection goes off for several reasons. It doesnt take away any „realism“ as it mostly only causes issues and adds nothing. You know yourself that youcrashed, you dont need a popup window to tell you :slight_smile:

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If you want, you can report it on our github page under ‘issues’

As said, I never turned them off since the beginning of MSFS. I don’t know what’s the problem. It could be something with your hardware or the settings.

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check out the trims on takeoff for of course which should be on 1 and on the MCDU setting 1/UP0.5.

Yup, have that set up too… IF i get a chance I’ll try to record some video of what happens…

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We do not support crash detection in MSFS and we do not plan to do so at the moment due to difficulties making it behave consistently.

The aircraft is aimed at simulating high fidelity of systems and flight model and we prefer to spend development time towards that than with a feature most already have disabled.

I hope that is understandable.

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Thank you for the information, this make sense now. Cheers.