Fly by wire problems?

Hi guys. Help needed. I have been using the “A320 master” addon. But recently I installed the “A320NX Fly by wire” instead. Now a nice new aircraft “Fly by wire” appeared in my hangar. Great! -Here´s the problem. When starting up my new checklist (Miles long??) at the gate. At the “Starting up” is completed (Using the automatic way) the engine is runing. In the next sequens “After start up” the engine shuts down and cant start from there. I try again from “prepar” same problem again. No problem when starts from runway. Can you guys advice me what Im doing wrong… (Just follow the checklist from A-B. Using the Auto-method all the way) -So what CAN go wrong) THX

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When you switch A32NX mod version, it’s better to delete all the mods from the community mod first. Then do a fresh install of the Custom FBW version. This is to make sure it doesn’t have garbage data coming from the other version that would conflict with it.

You might also check with the AI copilot control.