Fly now starts in midair

When I select a departure airport and aircraft and select fly now the aircraft loads in midair with gear and flaps retracted. This since su8 update. What am I missing?

The first thing to do is try is with the Community folder empty in case it is an addon conflict.

Probably not your exact problem, but I have once or twice clicked very close to an airport but not on the airport itself. And the default of you select a spot without an airport is to be in air.

That might be what happened.

Can you replicate the problem? Or was it just once?

Ive had this happen a couple of times last night, thought it was just old man issue, but maybe a new bug?

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All I can say for certain is it hasn’t happened to me on PC or XBOX. Not since SU8… so I don’t think this is a universal issue. Will let you know if that changes.

I did a repair of msfs and it hasn’t happened since. This update has caused me more problems than all others combined. I’ve had it since day one. Now I get compete shut downs to power off which are apparently add on conflicts.

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Topic Author reports problem has stopped occurring since reinstall.