Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition new full installers! (MSFS2020 )

as announced earlier this month the new full installers for all our product range (MSFS2020 version # 1.1b123 - P3D v4 and v5 version # 2.2b840) ready for you to download under your product page in simMarket: free for all our customers as usual, just download and run the installer - your product will be updated automatically keeping all your settings and liveries in place.


Thank you for the information!

Could you let me know if you’re planning to update the MD80 itself with future patches? (i.e. visual or sound updates/upgrades)

Hi…i just pulled the updated patched for the MD88. Once i apply will test and advise.

What i like about this new release is SIMBRIEF integration with EFB

Awesome, thank you guys!