FlyByWire A320 Installer Does Not Work. Infinite Load Time Solution

I used the latest FlyByWire A320 installer. Starting up, it loaded to 100% and then sat there. I literally let it go for several hours without completely loading.

I then used the uninstall feature and it did not completely remove the installation in the Official OneStore folder. I manually deleted the folder.

Then I downloaded via the Direct Download ( I installed in the Community folder. Upon loading the FBW A320 Neo (Leap), it did take a little while to load, but finally worked for me.

This happened on two different computers, so I am confident of the solution for me.

I post this in case this might help someone else.

Thanks ,
Very helpfull, had the same infinite load time ect.

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I used to have a similar problem - the installer would reach the “finishing update” stage and would never finish - turning off the installer and restarting it would show that the files were installed but I was not very fond of having to do this. It turned out that the problem was being caused by my antivirus application. Now every time I see there is an update in the FBW installer, I temporarily disable the antivirus, run the installer (and it goes smoothly) and then re-enable.