Flybywire A320 mod issue since update

Hi everyone,

As the title mentions I’m having issues with the mod.

None of the displays are working or any of my nav instruments?

Very new to PC gaming but should I wait for a revised update to the mod by flybywire?


Every time that Asobo updates A320, FBW needs to update too! They said yesterday that they are working and already have a new version at the master branch functional, with just a few bugs!


Thats great news thank you.

I presume it would be a fresh install once released right?

You can already install using FBW Installer. You need to choose the Development Version!


Thank you very much👍🏿

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Hi had the same problems since the 10.7 and 10.8 update, just deleted the A320 folder in the community folder Restarted and then closed again, reloaded the old files gain into the com folder. Restarted again and then it wored. BUT the old reliable version now is buggy as hell. No chance to put in new airports into the mcdu and as usual after all updates before 4 times now at approach a CTD ! I have downloaded in the meantime the latest versions stable and also the developers version without any success for a stable and functionable a320 mod. In the meantime I fly with the standard version delivered by ms, but honestly I‘m more than disappointed by the way ms forces new updates, where you have no Choice to skip them, for a while as my system has been nearly perfect for a couple of weeks since the old big japan update. Hope anyone of flybywire guys has a clue how to get a stable mod again, as the original is not really fun.

version 4.1 stable was released yesterday… make sure your using that version otherwise there is issues…

Thanks just doing the new inst, hope it works now :slight_smile:

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Ok I downloaded the latest developer version , installed. Well at first sight it looked good, Some features still did not work as putting in some data in the Mcdu, Monitor info like condition and more did not work, but that’s ok for the first. Started to fly from lows to Basel , all looke pretty good, but after 35 mins it suddenly CTD ! That happened yesterday also, I‘m not really happy ! Any suggestions?

I had 1 CTD yesterday, and the same today both occured on the first flight only, restarted the flight eachtime and they all finished at destination… I think they must still have some issues needing resolved, but i would try it again.

The Hotfix certainly made things better my end as i was getting CTD’s 2 - 3 times a day before.
Hopefully you get a solution…

should I still use the development version or should I now move to stable?

I use only the development version.

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Where can I downlowd the developers latest version?

I downloaded the latest update from MSFSADDON websites, and everything works perfectly… but now I’m facing a problem that I lost all my liveries… anyone has any idea?

You can use the Installer provided by FBW.

Link: FBW Installer

It gives you the option within the installer