FlyByWire A320 NEO - Takes CLB power to start rolling on ground?

Hi community,

Is anybody else experiencing a sticky feeling when the 20N is on the ground stationary? I need nearly CLB power to start rolling the airbus.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @OSalvadorO,

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Absolutely not.
Does this occur all the time?
At any particular airport?
What version are you using?
Another thought, is your brake action reversed in the controls?

I have quite the opposite experience. With throttles at idle and parking break off, I very slowly start to roll.


Make sure to apply pedal breaking power prior to taxi out. Fixes it.

Does this occur all the time?

  • YES

At any particular airport?

  • NO

What version are you using?

  • Latest Development bcedb86

Another thought, is your brake action reversed in the controls?

  • No, once it moves I can break with my rudder pedals normally

I will post a video that shows the issue, maybe is another setting or function that is producing this.

Make sure autobrake isn’t set?

Here is a video, shows the Parking break off, It needs more than 50% power to start rolling. It vibrates a lot, like if there were chockes on or something like this. Also showing that the breaks work well. I tried twice and needs massive power. Any help much appreciated.

You must have some key binding set to a brake somewhere in one of your controller lists. You might need to go line by line down all of the control options for all of your connected peripherals and find out what is bound to a brake setting.

It certainly looks like you are fighting wheel brakes with your engines.

On my old Mercedes I had to press the brake pedal before engaging drive … I hope this helps

Do you still have the pushback tug attached? I use the toolbar pushback and a few times have forgotten to “end pushback” …nothing like trying to drag the tug around…

I’m thinking like BigCow74.
Keep your eyes on the brake pedals. See if they look like they are being pushed down.
Do you have any other controllers plugged in?
If so unplug and try.
This is not right!

I have it too sometimes. Just apply the manual brakes once, full in, and taxi along.

I actually think it’s a feature and not a bug

It’s not a feature.
I’ve been flying this at least two or three times a week since it was started.
Do you have the latest update, and what version are you using (stable devel., or exp)?
It would be interesting to find out what your’s and OSalv’s setups have in common.

I don’t even fly it but I’m thinking back to an early Real Airbus Pilot video where he spoke about this or something similar.

It should take minimal throttle input to spool up the engines to break free and start moving, and then quickly back to idle.
Speed will steadily increase after that. Braking may be necessary to keep speed down while taxying.
If you are into jets you should try it.
It’s one of, if not the, best addons there is.

I like looking out of a cabin window as I jet off on my holidays but gliders and microlights are what I’m into, occasionally single prop GA, almost always by hand although AP can be useful if I have other things to do.

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this is usually caused by a bug in msfs where your brake got stuck because you look around by holding right mouse button while braking at the same time… try tapping the brake pedals to unstuck it

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