FlyByWire A32NX on XBOX

Me and many others bought an Xbox in hope to get A32NX. I think Microsoft/Asobo should make it clear for Xbox users, what kind of 3PD mods we might get, and what kind of will never happen. The official statement was
“The experience of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the same.”

In case of recent FBW twitter post

I think that Microsoft/Asobo could shed a light on this serius question.


MS / Asobo have make it clear:
1- only DLC from in-game store can be available on Xbox (no mod, no other store).
2- only Windows Store version support crossbuy with Xbox.
3- all MS / Asobo content will be available on PC and Xbox (and with crossbuy).
4- they left to third party the choice to go or not on Xbox. They left thrid party to do crossbuy or not. It’s third party decision.

You want A32NX ? Ask FBW, not MS/Asobo.


Thanks for the reply

Of course you need to buy the sim before you can see if the mods you are interested jn are Xbox compatible.

If they implemented a web UI for the market place like some of us have been calling for, Xbox users could make more of an informed decision :slight_smile:

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I asked one of the FBW developers and unfortunately there are no plans in the near future to release the A32NX on XBOX.


That’s what I’m saying. There’s a problem on the Microsoft side. That’s why fbw saying that they would like to make it if possible. (Appearance on Xbox’s marketplace)
That’s why I want MS/Asobo make a clearance, because there are some restrictions on their side, which FBW struggling with.


Since day one FBW A32NX become the face of MSFS2020, and it’s kind of weird and disappointing than we Xbox owners cannot have such a great experience


It would be an EXTREMELY big disappointment if we don’t have the A32NX on the XBOX. The FS’s standard A320 aircraft is just a toy. MS and ASOBO should help the FBW guys to port their aircraft to Xbox. A32NX is awesome.


Let’s keep this topic active. At some point they will notice that the FS2020 without the A32NX lacks its true essence. We, on XBOX, need the A32NX.


We definitely have to! This plane :airplane: is a must have and comes a major driver to switchers and newborn simmers decided to buy an XBOX for MSFS


A lot to pray for xbox:

  • Real world liveries for default planes

  • A32NX (FBW) and eventually their other projects (a380) - FBW is looking into this, nothing confirmed as of yet.

  • CRJ (Aerosoft) - I’m very excited for this one. Aerosoft is currently testing their xbox model.

  • PMDG planes (737 and DC6) - I’ve heard PMDG is looking into it! Currently testing xbox model of DC6.

  • A320CEO (Fenix) - maybe potential considering performance is better than default a320. Fenix for the time being have stated their are not looking to port this to xbox as they don’t believe they have a market especially with FBW mod being free. Maybe this may change as they are payware, and they have a very different product to FBW. I think not releasing on xbox is a mistake as they are missing on a share of the market. Additionally, if they were able to release before FBW mod, I’m sure they would make a lot of money.

  • 777 (CS), even though its not the best, better than nothing. CS confirmed they are bring mod to xbox.

  • 787 Heavy division mod, and eventually perhaps QualityWings 787. Nothing from QW about xbox port.

  • The a220 tap design or whiskey jet - haven’t read anything about xbox

  • project megapack (a321, a330, 737-800, 747-400, and 700+ liveries) - haven’t heard anything about xbox release for this one either.


Great summary!

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Went through FBW discord:

  • They don’t know how to extract .zip (xbox version doesn’t have community folder)
  • There’s a problems with licensing
  • They ask people to stop xbox “thing” (literally tired of us asking about release XD)

Not surprised tbh, FBW doesn’t really have anything to gain by releasing to xbox as its freeware. It’s more of an asobo and MS issue rather than FBW


Yes! That’s why we should gain attention from MS/Asobo on this.


Neither have Microsoft for the same reason. AFAIK there is a group working on a payware A320, Microsoft would probably rather that found its way to Xbox.


I wouldn’t mind paying for the A32NX or the A320 from Fenix.


yeah microsoft want their cut!

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Oh of course :slight_smile: - MSFS is expensive to develop and to support (online servers, outbound bandwidth etc). We only pay once for the sim, so they make their money through marketplace commission.


There hasn’t really been any official statement that confirms whether it’ll support Xbox or not. But chances are, if they are planning to release it on the MSFS Marketplace, it’s very likely that it can work on Xbox. But like I said, I couldn’t find any statement to confirm this.

But that being said, I’m not quite sure what makes the A320 that appealing. I mean, we already have the A320neo as a default aircraft, and while that doesn’t say as much, we already have the A32NX mod which is getting closer to the real A320neo.

While it’s nice to have the variety, I personally just doesn’t feel justified to have the aircraft. Especially since there are other airline classes that we’re lacking right now, like a widebody A350, and double-decker A380. It just feels redundant to have another narrow-body airbus that’s practically the same aircraft as we currently have at the moment.

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