FlyByWire A32NX on XBOX

Yes! That’s why we should gain attention from MS/Asobo on this.


Neither have Microsoft for the same reason. AFAIK there is a group working on a payware A320, Microsoft would probably rather that found its way to Xbox.


I wouldn’t mind paying for the A32NX or the A320 from Fenix.


yeah microsoft want their cut!

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Oh of course :slight_smile: - MSFS is expensive to develop and to support (online servers, outbound bandwidth etc). We only pay once for the sim, so they make their money through marketplace commission.


There hasn’t really been any official statement that confirms whether it’ll support Xbox or not. But chances are, if they are planning to release it on the MSFS Marketplace, it’s very likely that it can work on Xbox. But like I said, I couldn’t find any statement to confirm this.

But that being said, I’m not quite sure what makes the A320 that appealing. I mean, we already have the A320neo as a default aircraft, and while that doesn’t say as much, we already have the A32NX mod which is getting closer to the real A320neo.

While it’s nice to have the variety, I personally just doesn’t feel justified to have the aircraft. Especially since there are other airline classes that we’re lacking right now, like a widebody A350, and double-decker A380. It just feels redundant to have another narrow-body airbus that’s practically the same aircraft as we currently have at the moment.

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According to the faq on their discord it will NOT be available on Xbox.

No. They are running the plane simulation in a separate program (Prosim) and then the visual model is fed into MSFS.

This means that Fenix will be running an external program at all times - and that is simply not possible to bring to the Xbox as it’s built today. It will not allow for this kind of setup. Changing this would essentially make the Xbox into a PC, able to run arbitrary code, so it’s not likely to happen.

Sure, there are ways in which it could be done (host the simulation on a cloud computer??) but all of that would require Microsoft to do something that they have never done on the Xbox - I don’t see MS breaking the Xbox security model for this.

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It’s the same aircraft but it’s a totally different experience. I didn’t even bother doing a single flight in the various A320 aircraft we have in the sim now. The one from Fenix will be it for me.

But I understand that many think different.

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Yeah the developers have confirmed it will not be available on xbox :frowning:

What a pity.
I’m also interested in whether A32NX will support MSFS for Xbox?

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It’s already supported but not yet updated the flybywire team is working on it.

fingers crossed it will be available soon :+1:

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It doesn’t, but it never had anything to gain on PC either in the first place.

Might just be better to wait for Aerosoft to do their thing

This makes zero sense, it’s also freeware on the PC yet they develop it for that platform.

It’s a free community project for simmers to enjoy using free of charge. It should be on all compatible platforms the sim runs on to achieve that mission.


I agree with you mate, but it doesn’t seem to be FBW’s priority. It’s easier for FBW to develop their mod for PC, because they have more freedom associated with their product, and can easily release updates as they say fit. It’s mainly Asobo’s fault, there are some issues with files on xbox, that FBW needs access to in order to get their product to work on xbox. Furthermore, there are marketplace limitations that need to be addressed from microsoft. Would love to see this on xbox, but it won’t be there for the foreseeable future. Have a look at their discord for more information.

I can understand that. Why waste development time getting a headache over compatability with XBOX and Asobos marketplace when they could spend that time improving the A320 and distributing it freely via their own methods. Sounds like Asobo and MS need to improve things.


For those saying it was never confirm by Asobo/Microsoft that the FBW A32NX is going to be on XBOX … there is the confirmation by Jorg himself in the June 30th developper Q&A:

At the 54:00 mark(free content on Xbox marketplace timestamp)


Microsoft words!

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