FlybyWire A32NX-Unable to see my flight plan after saving

Hello everyone, this is my first post, so I apologize in advance this has already been answered.

I am new to the game and I am flying the FBW A32NX in development version 2b8d289. My game version is the latest one(version I use simbrief to file my flight plan online. Also, i dont have a navigraph account.

I am flying between VOHS(Hyderabad) and OKBK(Kuwait City) whose flight duration is 5 hours. I cannot use my system for that long continuously, so I want to save my flight so that I can continue at a later time.

I follow this checklist: A32NX Checklist.pdf - Google Drive

Once I finish setting up my route, I save the flight(.flt extension) and exit the sim. But when I return, I see that my flight plan is gone, although the aircraft configuration is intact. I have to again redo my flight plan.

Is there any way for me to save the flight in such a manner that the flight plan gets saved as well?

Thank you in advance!

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