Flybywire A380

It’s great that an A380 is on its way from Flybywire. I have however seen the news that the last ever A380 has just been delivered to Emirates. It seems like Airbus are concentrating on the A350 as it’s more fuel efficient. By the time Flybywire has released the A380 it will be obsolete. Yes it’s still being flown and will be for quite a few years but it would have been nice to have something more modern and currently in production like the A350.


Do a google search…there is a A350 in the works. Also, just because an aircraft is no longer in service doesnt meant its not worth flying. There are plenty of airliners/aircraft that people would enjoy are not in service.


As FBW doing all that for free as a hobby in their spare time …. I would suggest you contact them and see how you can contribute in your spare time to the development you would like to see.


I think additional context is that while the A380 will no longer be in service in the near future. It’s still technically filling up a specific segment in airliners. A segment that nothing else will be filled by future aircrafts. At least not that we know of.

Concorde, for example hasn’t been in service for decades. But it’s still technically filling the segment of supersonic passenger airliner. Something that hasn’t been filled by any other aircraft. So it’s also nice if we have a Concorde aircraft in MSFS.

Other aircraft segments in the sim that is already filled in by a specific aircraft, does seem pointless effort to do. For example, while the 787 and 777 are different aircrafts, they belong into the same segment though. Twin-engine widebody airline. Similar to how A330 and A350 is in the same segment. But the 787 and the A350 are the latest generation that comes out in that segment. Which begs the question on the effort needed to make A330 and 777, while there’s a later generation that is in-service that needs to have the segment fulfilled in flight sim ahead of the previous generation aircraft in that segment.

You know, something like why do we need A320-200 aircraft, if we already have a wonderful A320neo. Yes, the A320-200 is a different aircraft, and it may appeal to some people. But that segment is already been filled by the A320neo which is the latest generation.

I think what OP is trying to say is that, the focus of development should be about making aircrafts to fill in the multiple segments with the current generation aircrafts first. Before making the previous generations in.

In other words: We should have these aircrafts in order of priority:
Quad-Engine Double Decker: Boeing 747-8i, Airbus A380.
Twin-Engine Wide Body: Boeing 787-10, Airbus A350.
Twin-Engine Narrow Body : Boeing 737 MAX, Airbus A320neo.

Once we have them, then we can move onto the next priority.
Quad-Engine : Boeing 747-400, Airbus A340.
Twin-Engine Wide Body: Boeing 777X, Airbus A330-900neo.
Twin-Engine Narrow Body : Boeing 737 NG, Airbus A321neo.

And expand from there. Of course, it’s nice to have other classic aircrafts. They’re enjoyable to fly in their own way. But sometimes we just wish that these aircrafts came out in order of priority starting from the currently latest generation aircraft, and slowly moving towards the past generation models.


Why? Why not let them do what they like to do? It’s all free anyway. If you think priority should be different, start a project and get cracking. :slight_smile:


It’s not like we’re trying to prevent any project or anything. Of course, it is what it is. I have no say over what should be prioritised or not. It’s is merely a wishlist or wishful thinking, that’s all. If nobody is doing them, or if any of the projects no longer continue, then it is what it is.

If there’s other projects who wants to focus on Boeing 707, then it’s their freedom and decisions to do so. I’m just saying from a marketing perspective, that there’s a real need for these segments to be filled first. If everyone else decided not to do them. Then it’s all good. No harm done. We’ll just wait until it does. Until then, I’m not holding my breath or anything.

If I can pick an analogy would be. I’m thirsty and I need water, and I’m willing to pay for someone to sell me a bottle of water. Someone else comes in, and offer me a bowl of peanuts for free. Of course, I’ll take the bowl of peanuts and I eat it. It’s delicious, and I thank the person for their kindness. I have something to do in the mean time, eating the bowl of peanuts, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I’m thirsty, and I still need water.


I have contributed to them, by donation. I’m a big fan of their A320 and think they’re doing a great job. But your reply doesn’t really touch on the question I was asking :man_shrugging:

Out of interest do you fly their A320?

I fully understand.
I didn’t mean to attack you in any way, my apologies if that seemed the case.

No problem. Maybe I miscommunicated my intention. English is my third language, after all… :sweat_smile:

I disagree. I’m very excited for the a380. There are many aircraft within the various sims that are no longer in use…

Plus Emirates are very committed to the a380 so your point is false.

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Yesterday Emirates announced that they are going to operate the A380 for the next 20 years and they will shortly operate 118 A380s.


Well for me the a380 is a better priority I hoped to see, and they are fine for a few reasons:

  1. it’s their spare time for a free aircraft with a quality I believe a lot will pay for even sold at USD 60, the A32NX they are making is ever closing to study level and PMDG, with the preview seen it will be on similar ballpark

  2. it’s an iconic aircraft, largest ever for passenger, a challenge to land and take off in a lot of airports which is fun to a lot of ppl including myself

  3. this is a sim GAME, and not a flight training for pilots, so although latest aircraft models are great and maybe better in some ways in real world for money making, this is for the fun and enjoyment, usually this means the downsides of an aircraft in real world is a plus side for the game

  4. DFD is also creating a quite good looking A350 although not coming soon, it’s best for quality developers to diverge attention and not release say 10 Concorde in a few months then a year later another 10 quality whatever plane. That way we can all get our loved aircrafts to fly on


That is assuming that the entire 118 units of Emirates A380 is full to the capacity the whole time and everyone is travelling everywhere in the next 20 years without any pandemic, giving them the most profits. :sweat_smile:

I think the era of carrying the most passengers as possible is at an end. Sure, they can operate the A380 in the next 20 years, but they’ll probably end up to be the only operator servicing the A380. And that smaller aircrafts like the A350 could bring a lot more profit and lower cost to operate than A380.

It’s easy to fill up A350, not so much filling up A380, especially post-pandemic. The last time I travel with Emirates was back in 1996.

And in 2019 Emirates trimmed back their order with Airbus. This was one of the reasons why Airbus decided to stop manufacturing. Because they were so reliant on Emirates and they’re wasn’t much interest with other airlines. Of course they will operate for another 20 years, they already have 118 A380’s so are now committed to continue using them.

How i miss FSLABS !

The only thing I regret not seeing with the A380 is that the Corporate Jet Version ACJ380 never took to the skies. I was hoping it to be used by a Head of State or so.

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Very committed? I’m not so sure about that. They cut back their A380 order with Airbus in 2019 to take 30 A350’s and 40 A330’s. If they were commuted to the A380 they would have ordered more. So my point is not false.

They still have 90 plus a380s… that aircraft is very relevant.

This topic is ridiculous.


Unfortunately that doesn’t make a difference to anything. What gets released is entirely down to people and dev teams so we either accept what gets released or people like the original poster and others learn development themselves and create what they want to see.


Yes I do fly their A320 (currently the experimental version). And I also have donated. However that does not give me the right to demand what other people do in their spare time for free and how quickly they should be doing things.