Flybywire A380

Its entertaining.

Just because the A380 is out of production doesn’t mean Fbw should create a more modern aircraft. I would think more people would want to fly aircraft in a sim that are being phased out in real life like the A340, A380 ect. In my opinion it shouldn’t make a difference at all what is happening in the real world with aircraft and plus the A380 is still being flown. Also do you want the sim to only have modern aircraft that are relevant in real life? Pretty much everyone likes the A380 and older aircraft and will obviously want to fly them in the sim which is not real.


For people who like large airliners we still don’t have much choice in FS2020. The A320NX is amazing and is clearly the best airliner in FS2020 in my opinion. The 747 and 787 in the sim are okay but there’s a lot of systems inoperable and things which still don’t work properly. I did say in my original post “it’s great that an A380 is on its way” and I myself am looking forward to it.

I also did not say they “should” create something more modern. I said “it would be nice to see something more modern and currently in production”

Lol … OK, you spotted something that every one has known for several years, probably five or more.
Aircraft are often in service for many years after the last one was sold, take the A330, the B737s, I really can’t be bothered listing any more. A380s are still flying, not many, but there was even a piece in the news about someone using their A380s because of the sudden demand, and the A380 would allow them to double up. You can check on some of them here … note that many flew yesterday, today, and will tommorrow Airbus A380-842 (A388) production list - Flight tracker | Flightradar24

Now, there are several A350s in development. Only one is looking like it is going to be freeware though.
You may want to think about how sim aircraft are produced and used, and telling groups that spend thousands of hours to produce things for free “why are you making that one, you should be making this” is not very sensible — plus, we all want it !!

Thank the FBW team for the amazing A320neo, donate 10 currency if you can, and fly their aircraft.

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You may want to have another read at my original post. When did I say “why are you not making that one”. Please read my original post before making comments like that. My first words were “it’s great that an A380 is on its way”

Why is it not a very sensible idea to make suggestions? I can make whatever suggestions I like on here, this is a flight simulator forum! I do not need to justify making a suggestion.

If you had taken the time to read my post you would have seen that I said “it would be nice to see an A350”

I made a donation in the first week the A320 was released.

Because he’s replying to you, letting you know his thoughts. You know, like you did with this post?
You said the words “obsolete”, and “more modern” and that it seems like you did not even spend the time to search through this forum for “A350” - if you had …

There is the current freeware one that has a 787 cockpit, a bit like the A380 with a 747 cockpit lol, and another on the way. You would have also found this … (Announcement) A350 for FS2020!

TBH if you start a topic, be aware that not everyone will agree with you, and ppl will NOT stay away from topics they believe need replying to. I should know lol, many of my replies on topics of Payware v. Freeware are disliked.

And I can read, I read your post, several times. Your whole post is “Why are they making the 380 when it is obsolete, why not the A350?”

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Are you for real? You have actually quoted something from my original post which I did not say!

Now your making yourself look a bit silly. Please show me the quote you are referring to where I have said “why are they making the A380”

Like I said before my first sentence was “it’s great that an A380 is on its way”

OK, so you think attacking me will help?

Everyone who reads your post can see exactly what it says, which is what I said, twice now, that you think they should not have made an A380 as it is obsolete and should have made an A350.

No one is going to read anything else from that post. It is what you have said.


I think it’s time to stop this argument, it’s kind of silly to me arguing something a freeware, basically charity group to be right or not on developing something they like! It’s ok that they suddenly decided to stop and create a flying cat as long as they enjoy to do so as a freeware


Flying cat lol … nice, sitting in that weird low poly one as well with a big scarf would be good lol :¬)

Ok, here is my thought. Do we have any other high fidelity A380 available in any sims so far?. I mean XPlane,P3d etc…People dare not touch the A380 because of its so advanced and complex systems. And i really appreciate what FBW is doing. Moreover people like me are waiting for a proper A380 for years. As a simmer for past 20 years, i have never flown a A380 on a sim. Just because whatever we had or we have now is a complete garbage. I am afraid that if someone like FBW didn’t take this initiative, then we will never get to fly a nice A380 ever again in our life.

Also payware developers are always in run for a quick money. They will never do a A380 else they would have done it already. A350 is a viable option to them and flight factor already developed A350 for XP11. Moreover A350 still have lot of life, i am sure someone will definitely make a nice A350 addon. For now i really don’t want this A380 dissappear into the thick fog!. If that happens, then i am afraid we will never ever have a good A380 in the sim for rest of our lives.

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A gentle reminder to keep posts on-topic and not against each other.

Thank you.

and what about the 320 from Fenix ??? any release soon…
and we dont forget the pdmg 737 max ? also soon ?

No date for the Fenix. PMDG 737 by the end of the year…

Hi, FBW dev here.

One thing a lot of people seem to forget is that if there is any opportunity for someone to do an A380, it’s now, not in 5 years, or 10 years. Older aircraft, especially ones with low delivery numbers, are already hard to find / reference. It is already hard enough to get details anywhere near the scale of accuracy we have for the A320 (for which the data we rely on is technically deep sometimes beyond comprehension - due to the A320 being popular, and lots of data being out there for it), now imagine in 15 years.

It is very fortunate that most of the A350 FMS was developed on the basis of the new A380 FMS software, and that the guidance and path computation algorithms were mostly backported to other aicraft, specifically, the A320, for which we have references. But nothing beats IRL access/references, without which we’d be in a pretty tough position to model the aircraft accurately to sometimes millimeter precision depending on the area.

If the A380 isn’t your type of aircraft, other developers are hard at work making other planes. FBW is part of a network of freeware developers that help each other out, and we are making our very best effort to provide everyone working on OSS Airbus aircraft with our software components such as the FMS, display fonts, EIS code, etc., as it is all open-source. We work with devs such as Synaptic Simulations, NLS and more to develop shared components that improve the experience for everyone and help other open-source devs get their projects going. You will get an A220, A340, A350 and more that meet your standards, so you can look forward to that.

But if you do look forward to the A380, you don’t have to fly it on 15 hour long routes. You can very well do a domestic flight with it for all I care… we don’t police how you use it! Does it really matter if an aircraft is popular IRL ? We respect those who stick to realistic operations, but don’t forget that this is, at the end of the day, for entertainment.

Yes, the original project for this aircraft (project gamma) was an A330+A340. Yes, we ended up doing away with it because it was too similar in systems/avionics to the A320 and no one really had motivation to slightly tweak some systems (cause that is the level we were at at the time :wink: now, we’d require a higher level of changes from ourselves). But there are other devs in which we are fully confident working on those, and you can expect us to assist them in bringing the level of precision we ask of ourselves.

I’ve never flown on the A380 and I’ve been in love with that plane since I learned about it as a child, right around when it was being delivered to airlines. There’s luckily going to be just enough airlines using it left that I can probably make it on one during the next decade, but many won’t have that chance if they are not fortunate enough. And while this aircraft came too late and was never a success commercially, it is an amazing piece of engineering and I won’t let the A380 flight sim curse strike once again.


I agree wholly. If there’s ever a chance for any sim to have an A380 its now and I am very glad that Flybywire has taken up the decision to make this aircraft that no other serious developer has dared to make as of yet. And I am sure it will be an amazing aircraft to fly and the best ever A380 addon made for any sim so far.

While the A380 may not be a lot of people’s favorite aircraft for whatever reason, it sure holds a special place in my heart being always around the aircraft from childhood being in Dubai, and to see it made in the sim is amazing! You dont need to necessarily fly the aircraft on long haul routes - in fact Emirates flies the A380 from Dubai to Muscat and Doha around 15-19K feet with less than an hour of flight time.

I applaud the Flybywire team for taking up the task of making the A380 in the simulator and wish them the best of luck for their continued efforts, I’m sure the beautiful A380 will match the beautiful simulator that is MSFS :wink:


We haven’t had a high fidelity A380 in any simulator. Many people are looking forward to this. Nobody says the aircraft still has to be in development and flying irl for us to enjoy it in the simulator.


After all the Airbuses in development - with so many being A320’s - Asobo / FBW / Fenix and others apparently, I can’t wait for that 380. As far as I’m concerned I hope it gets higher priority from FBW, not less. No doubt a lot of people will hop over to the Fenix 320 one at some point, so the 380 will be quite exclusive FBW.

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So 1 day after the last delivery (for now) the plane is outdated and not modern anymore? the concorde stopped being flown 2 decades ago and its still superior to todays jets (speedwise)

The 320 will not be de prioritized at all. It doesn’t make sense from my point of view to work less on something that has so much potential.