FlybyWire announce A380

Not a big fan of the A380 but I appreciate and respect the teams work!! Keep it up FBW.


Hrm - rather the A350 as the A380 is on its way out…

But keep up the good work I love the A320NX.


Excellent news. I would prefer A350 but for sure it will be next project for FlybyWire guys.

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can’t wait to get in the pilot’s seat, I love this plane.

That’s great news, looking forward to see this squeezed into the MSFS hangar

For the guys who are asking about A350 there is a group called Sim4flight who are developing it. And they are partners of Flybywire.


If I remember correctly, they said that you can already do plenty with the SDK, but it means lot of trial and error due to lack of documentation. But if you don’t port existing code, there are already lots of options available.

Nervous to see how a single? team will cope with 2 projects instead of 1. Especially when one of them involves the level of complexity of an A380.

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This is all very exciting indeed, butt we should be patient. Apparently it will take years to develop (expected), and we should only start seeing something usable at the end of 2021.

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Thank God I have ordered my Honeycomb alpha and bravo mmm I can’t wait

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Cant wait for this to come out. Also looking forward to the 737 to get done


Dunno if the A380 was a good choice, it can only land at a few selected airports due to its enormous weight and some airlines are trying to get rid of their A380s already. It’s sure interesting for longhaulers but i think most simmers like short to medium length trips. A330/40 would be much more interesting to me personally but that’s just me.

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having that in mind what 747 is doing in MSFS as one of only two airliners in standard version? I guess some people just love those behemoth planes. I, for one, will surely fly it when ready :slight_smile:
I’m also sure some simmers will land A380 in Lukla :joy:

MSFS likes GTA , lots of MOD and never as real . lol

Isn’t that more of a reason to make one?

I for one, am super excited for this!


Why not have both?

So is the 747, so what?

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Fully agree. This is a big undertaking. Especially the A380 where there is very limited experience around to contribute in a realistic flight model.

lorenzog896900 are you talking to Airbus, you will need to, if you need help direct mail me

People love flying 747 and we desperately need A380. We should be grateful that flybywire is developing A380 instead of being pessimistic about it.