FlyByWire Bug or my error

Hey thanks guys for the FBW Neo! Only jetliner worth flying.

I have found something that may be a bug.

Take a look at the video.

Approach goes to Barbra Poll Overspeed when gear down flaps approach selected?


Check your speeds in the approach phase of the MCDU. It looks like you are are set for 625 KIAS, which is definitely going to be an overspeed condition. Did you perhaps enter the block fuel wrong? It should be in metric tons, so if you entered pounds, you’ll get a ridiculous approach speed. I made this mistake myself with similar results.

I don’t know hof to fix your problem but I have a question.

What CPU do you have? It seems that the Sim is running good on your rig with the Airbus.
And which setzings do you use?
I took a flight today and it was unflyable for me

I7 10700 o/c at 5.1 on boost.

Block fuel in Kg at 10.6 from Simbrief? Could be that I’m entering that wrong. I’ll check! Thanks

Also, make sure you’re already on APPR phase activated. Generally if you use 10.62 tonnes on the block fuel. You should be slowing down to around 200 kts on clean flaps on approach. So judging from your airspeed fo 240 kts. It looks like you’re still in DES phase.

On DES phase, they don’t have flaps speed, so when you extend the flaps, you’ll still be stuck in 240 kts. which will overspeed the plane. If you’re still on DES phase when you’re on final. Activate APPR phase manually.

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Thanks! Yes still in the descent VRef.

Looks like I didnt check the APPR page in the MACDO. Looking at it today (repeat flight) the VRef APPR was 650!!! OMG! No wonder N2 spooled up from 25% to 80%.

Moral here is check the VRef or get a FO who does it for you!

This is shaping up to be a great mod! Thanks to FBW team we are getting a study level aircraft before the SDK is finished and those payware aircraft come alive!


You are far above the Gear limit speed and even farther above the flap limit speed. you are about 100 knots above the approach speed. the plane is telling you that you are doing it wrong.

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if you notice, the barber pole drops down as you select the gear and flaps, the reason being is that you are overspeeding your current configuration. The gear has a Maximum extension speed and the flaps behave exactly the same way. The flap settings each have a maximum speed, exceeding that will trigger the overspeed. In all of these cases you are exceeding the speeds.
You should be much slower than 240 knots when making the turn to final. approach speed should be in and around 140 knots (factors change that by a few knots).

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Hi, firstly note in the speed tape that airbus shows you what is called VFE next. You were in clean configuration when you started your video and if you look at ±215kts you will see an amber = sign above you green dot speed (green circle). The amber equal is your VFE next, meaning you must always be below VFE next before extending flaps by one notch. That VFE next is wrong by the way, looking at the limitations in the FCOM it should be 235 for CONF1 and 215 for CONF1+F (but you will not get 1+F on approach given your speed). You also selected full flaps in one go, you dont do this IRL. You should first select flaps 1 once below VFE next, then slow down below the new vfe next, then select flaps 2, then gear down, then below the new VFE next select flaps 3, and lastly below the final VFE next select flaps full.

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It happened again at +2.08 as soon as I select managed speed?

Yes that is definitely a bug, approach phase active, your managed speed bug (magenta) will drop to Vapp BUT the autothrottle will not slow down below you current configuration minimum speed.

Another thing from real life flying, you must be below VFE next but never below your minimum configuration speed. Your minimum configuration speed is green dot when clean, S speed when on Config 1, F speed onwards from Conf2 until Vapp becomes your target.

Sorry, in case I wasnt clear enough, 100% incorrect what is happening there. Assuming everything is initialised correctly in the MCDU you should never get a managed target like that when the approach phase is activated!

You must fly selected speed if this bug keeps happening. But then do as follows, when clean slow down towards green dot (green circle). Once below VFE next (=) select flaps 1, then slow down to S speed, below the new = select flaps 2, now slow down to F speed, below the new = select flaps 3. I think you get the point now :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just noticed another bug, when looking at your video after you select flaps 1 S speed is too slow (145kts) and then when you select flaps 2, F speed is 172kts. This is incorrect, in real life green dot is faster than S, S is faster than F.

I think there’s a bug on the managed speed. On my approaches I manually select my speeds without any issues.



MCE Multi Crew Experience have the green dot speed as gospel! You can not ask FO to go below it…Yet we have MSFS ATC asking for below green dot speed on approach. Answer fror MCE devs is select it yourself…OK do it your self select ###, commanded and see the result! select commanded speed (pull knob) and wind speed down.

Managed speed is bugged!!! I dont think my video demonstrates anything else. Im below green dot speed, I select , flaps , gear and managed speed and the N2 goes to high thrust!! Its a Bug??? Managed speed should go to the FADEC / FMS speed!!! IT SHOULD NOT ACCELERATE!

But who am I an old fart whos been flying a while?

Sorry but this is a bug!

Old fart excuse excuse me! :stuck_out_tongue:

My edit under the video on You Tube;

OK approach to EHAM RW 27 on ILS. APPR set in MACDO VRef APPR at 190 Kts.
Appr engaged but in commanded speed 175. As soon as I engage managed speed mode, engines spool up and we go into overspeed. THIS IS WRONG!
Any one any ideas?
Sorry you Airbus guys, but there is a bug here?
Below green dot speed , ask for flaps…ask for gear…
then ask for managed speed…
managed speed over speeds!!!
Unless you go to Commanded speed this sim will overspeed at these parameters.
Ive produced two videos. Same weights same flight!
Same result.
FBW look at this please?

You’re too fast.

Edit: I would set speeds to “selected” while on the approach. I have the feeling you’re attempting “autoland” which doesn’t work.

Edit2: you should have a “decel” waypoint in your flightplan from which you should lower down your speed in steps down to VAPP.

But I may be wrong.

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No your correct! :wink:
SimBrieft flight plan and decell point is in there!
I am NOT going or an AutoLand. I want to disengage at 500’

i think FMFS Fp is not right? No I KNOW its not right, thay ask for silly altitudes on Approach that dont coreespond to you flight paln.
2000 feetal the way in to EHAM…please thats wrong!! (from suglol?)

Seems to me something is seriously wrong?

Why should I see acceleration on landing whem VRef is correct and I am configured?

I am configured…Flaps gear Speed…then go to managed speed and it goes to overspeed!
OK approach to EHAM RW 27 on ILS. APPR set in MACDO VRef APPR at 190 Kts.
Appr engaged but in commanded speed 175.
As soon as I engage managed speed mode, engines spool up and we go into overspeed. THIS IS WRONG!
Any one any ideas?
Sorry you Airbus guys, but there is a bug here?
Below green dot speed , ask for flaps…ask for gear…
then ask for managed speed…
managed speed over speeds!!!

Unless you go to Commanded speed and select a lower speed this sim will overspeed at these parameters. PERIOD!
Ive produced two videos. Same weights same flight!
Same result!
FBW look at this please?
Please tell me its a bug?
I think ITS A BUG!
Check parameters, they are correct. Problem begins at Managed speed?
The sim then sets a thrust acceleration in place and its plain wrong!

Watch the speeds and figures?

Yes it is definitely a bug from what I see in your videos. I have not tried it myself.

ATC in real life often asks us speeds that are below minimum configuration. They dont know what green dot is for every airbus type (and green dot depends on weight) or vref+80 (min clean) for boeing aircraft. You got two options if ATC asks for a speed say below green dot, either take flaps 1 or reject the speed. I dont know if you can reject a speed from MSFS ATC, I dont use the built in ATC.

Okay, one question… Do you have a cockpit FPS improvement mod installed? The one that improves your cockpit FPS by limiting the refresh rate of the cockpit displays? If so, delete it. You don’t need it anymore since the sim already has a cockpit refresh rate setting built in from the last 2 patches.

Secondly, when you start the flight, and after you enter the values to the INIT pages. Make sure you check the Take off PERF page as well as the APPR page. Check if the F and S speed are ‘correct’. It shouldn’t show 693 knots for both of them. it should show F as the lowest number, followed by S that’s slightly higher, then O which looks to be correct at 205 kts.

I had this issue when I incorrectly entered 106.2 in the block instead of 10.62. Once I entered the correct amount, I checked both Take off and APPR pages in the PERF, and they’re showing it properly.

Check this before you start the flight, if it’s showing 693 like this from the start. There’s something that wrong that you put into the MCDU.

No I don’t use any FPS add on.

I’ll re check the weights. I’m using SimBrief to plan the route and all the weights. Simbrief has a facility to convert weights from lbs to kg.

I’m entering kg in the MACDO but of course in the MSFS flight plan screen the units are in pounds. I’ll re check I’ve not messed up. You can usually tell if there’s something wrong with the V speeds. Typically they are 126/126/129 or similar.


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