FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Standalone

Now that this aircraft is “standalone” and it’s probably as a “stable” product, how will it get updated like we use to updated through the software that FBW used? Just a little bit confuse!!

huh? Now I’m confused about what you’re asking. FBW will continue to get updated as it has always been, through the updater app.

Depends on where you get it from.

If you download the A32NX from the Marketplace, then it will be updated as soon as the FBW team pushes a build update into the marketplace, and the whole process of validating and verficiation as well as the DRM encryption would have to be done before the new update will appear in the marketplace. My guess could take about 1-2 weeks from when the update is actually released until it’s available to everyone to be updated from the marketplace.

If you get the Stable version from the Installer. Then you can update the aircraft as soon as the next stable version is released. Use the installer to click on the Update button, and you should be updated.

If you get the Development version from the installer, then you would need to press the update button everytime it’s available. It could be up to 2-3x per day. So if you use this, make sure you keep it updated before you start the sim, and you should always be on the latest version.