FlyByWire tablet not working?

The tablet in the aircraft hasn’t been working since the PC update.

Please update to the latest development version.

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How do I do that?

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Uninstall / remove any previous version of A32NX
Check packages/community and packages/official folders for any A32NX leftovers and remove them.

See also here:

Then use our installer to install the latest delevopment version. Installer can be downloaded here:

The SDK category is for aircraft, scenery, airport, and utility developers. I have moved your post into Third Party Addon Discussion, where topics about aircraft mods like the A32NX take place.

Someone who is flying with VR, can you handle the tablet without problems? I find it very difficult to operate the mouse pointer in VR. It is as if it was floating instead of indicating the exact point on the screen of the tablet.