Flybywiresim A320NX Possible for Liveries to break funtionality?

Ran into an issue the other day with the FBW A320 when loading in with a livery other than the default one. Everything with the aircraft had been working fine up to this point, so this has lead me to question if it is possible for a livery to somehow break the mods functionality if in the event the livery is missing certain config parameters? In this case in question I loaded the aircraft into a flight, went through the line-up cinematic and when I selected fly it loaded into the aircraft with all displays blank. So I went to taxi the aircraft off the runway to shut it down and start it back up and then noticed that I couldn’t even get the plane to move. Parking break wasn’t set, RT wasn’t engaged, the aircraft would even compress during throttle up like it was trying to move but it couldn’t.

After numerous attempts to reload the flight, I could never get the mod to load in and function normally again after this occasion. Ultimately I ended up uninstalling the few liveries I had for it as well the mod, reinstalled it and now everything is working fine.

Does the mod’s paint kit come with like a sample aircraft config file template that designers should be following?

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?


If you search on forum, you will see that a liverie could not only mess with an airplane but also could cause ctd as well. I have read somewhere on the forum that a320 American airlines liverie was causing ctd to a user. He found that when he removed all addons and start installing one by one and testing. So maybe this will answer your question.

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Did you try liveries from here?

Is your flight model on “modern” (MSFS settings)?

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Liveries can crash your whole sim. I also could be mean and write a livery for one plane, which causes problems on another plane and intentionally causes CTD. There is no safety net.

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Thank you for the replies and info, all good information to know. @Watsi01 Yes, that is where I got them from. I still have them as well so I might dig around and see what livery it was when the spare time comes. I think I know which one it might be. I’ll let them know over on .to when I find out. And yes, flight model is set on modern. Awesome modification by the way, flies like an Airbus :wink:

Thanks again!

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