Flyday Night Flights - 3/10/23 - VFR Flight Planning Basics pt 3 - 7p PT/ 10p ET/ 03z

Flyday Night Flights - 3/10/23 - VFR Flight Planning Basics, Part 3

Hi everyone, we will resume our sim flight planning sessions tonight, building upon what we learned in our last session two weeks ago. Some of the new concepts we’ll address tonight are calculating our position in flight, determining if we’re off course and how to make corrections. We will also introduce radio navigation. During the ground session, I will host a quiz to review last session’s elements and we will cover the solution process. You can find a preview of that quiz on my Discord.

At the end of the ground session, we will plan a two-leg flight using radio nav and dead reckoning. The route will be chosen at the beginning of the stream using resources like SkyVector and LittleNavMap and we will walk through the planning elements step-by-step.

After the ground session, we will fly the route we planned, covering the elements we cover during the ground session.

All are welcome to join, whether you are interested in learning, wanting to brush-up, want to offer your own insight, or just want to hang out with a bunch of fun-loving, passionate aviation nerds! I will fly the steam-gauge “classic” Cessna 172 with the WBSim realism mod. The major takeaways will be applicable to both Xbox and PC users, and you do not have to have this or any mod to participate - the stock 172 will give the same overall performance. As always, you are more than welcome to fly along in whatever you like, or just chat, lurk, etc.

See you there!

Stream begins: 7p PT/10p ET (0300z)
Start Location: TBD during the ground session (somewhere VFR, live weather)
Aircraft: Cessna 172 “classic” (steam gauge) with WB realism mod (or similar)
Server: US East
Streaming Channel: Twitch