Flyin buddy

Hi All. I am a relative newby to flightsim 2020 and have been gettin to grips with flying different aircraft in many locations. Have been watching on line group flying and it’s obvious there are alot of like minded people out there. I would like to try some group flying but think a small start would be best so I am looking for a flying buddy to try out the group flying scene. If anyone is interested feel free to answer on this thread. My discord name is squidger#0029.

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I would definitely recommend a few Streams to join. The MSFS official ones tend to have a group fliight on Fridays, and Howard Forder has flights on Saturdays, and Sundays, if memory serves. All good fun!

Thanks for replying. My issue is that i wouldn’t want to slow any body down being such a newby so wanted some experience before joining a large group. I really don’t know what i’m doing ref group flying at the moment and need guidance on joining groups and discord/twitch etc.

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They’re really not as formal as you’d think. It’s usually a guided tour of an area, learning a little from the person chosen to lead the flight, some sightseeing, landing challenges if you like, or just buzz around, and land on top of buildings, whatever takes your fancy.

But I see where you are coming from, but all the same you would be more than welcome to join any of them.

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