Flying a 747-800, what is the cruising optimal AOA and do I need to trim after takeoff?

When I cruise with the 747-800 I tend to set the autopilot and flight director on and set a heading or let it follow the flight plan.

What cruise speeds are typically done in commercial passenger flights with a 747-800?

Should the 747-800 be trimmed to a specific AOA at cruise? If so what angle of attack?

Does the autopilot hate you and want you to die in MSFS? Why does it go into continous spins and then bank over and die when the autopilot engages and is allowed to fly for more than 30 minutes?

  1. Generally in the .82 to .87 Mach range in the 747.
  2. No, with the AP on, you do not need to trim.
    AoA will vary with speed. If flying manually, trim so you can fly using your yoke for only small
    corrections. You should be able to hold altitude without using the yoke too much.
  3. The AP shouldn’t do that.
    Are your pedals the culprit here?
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Oh dear, you are not having much love from the 747.

The Salty mod for the 747 fixes any AP bugs in the stock (but I think these are mainly fixed in any case) but it also adds a lot of other functionality. Check it out, but make sure to get the latest Dev version.

The unexpected behaviour sounds a lot like the ground handling issues you reported in your other thread. I would guess it’s an AI assist or controller/peripheral issue.

are the pedals the culprit.

One of my USB peripherals, or all of them, are probably causing the auto pilot to shut off, and then forcing my aircraft into a bad situation, leading to a crash.

Do you have more than one set of peripherals plugged in, for example, a stick that also operates the rudder?

The Logitech stick has a rudder twist - I have it too and it’s better than my ■■■■ pedals for precision!

Yes, a lot of folks like it.
The issue is when both the stick and rudder are plugged in at the same time.
One sending a turn command, while the other not being used is sending a centering command.