Flying aircraft while drone cam is active

Trying to find out if it is a feature of the sim or a me-error:

Thus far I have been very fortunate and very happy: things work great for me (hope I have not jinxed myself…). I use a MS FFB 2 joystick which I have configured for flying the aircraft. For my limited requirements (I fly single engine aircraft as that is what I used to do in real life and enjoy doing) the joystick configuration that I have set up is great and does everything I would generally like to do. However: when I go to the drone cam (either via the Ins key or the menu), I can control the drone movement with the keyboard but I cannot control the aircraft itself with the joystick. I really would like to continue flying the plane and have the drone follow. Is there something I am missing? Should I be able to continue flying the plane or not? And if yes, is there something I need to set up?



Don’t think you can from the drone. I’ve tried using drone during control checklist and nothing moves. Only see control surfaces moving in external (not showcase) mode. No idea why implemented like this.

Thanks for the answer: this seems like a good news/bad news thing. The good news: maybe I am not that dumb after all :smile:. The bad news: cannot do what I would really like to do! :disappointed:

I can’t fly the plane either while in drone mode. Which is quite ridiculous as the exterior view is a pain to use and not even centered. not even centered. not even… also, why is there no option to reverse the mouse? if i look at the plane from the rear and i move the mouse to the left, i want the camera to move to the right side, as i’m “wiping” the plane away to the left. makes sense. but no, the in game camera works the other way around hahaha incredible

It is possible, but works only sometimes. Unfortunately I don’t know how to trigger it but I managed to control the plane when in drone mode. It happened several times, but in most cases it doesn’t react to Joystick. It’s probably some bug they need to fix

I seem to vaguely recall someone having issues with the aircraft while flying the drone and the “C” key fixing it. Does this key have some functionality change on the controller for drone/aircraft?

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when you use the drone press “C” and you will gain control of the aircraft


let AI fly the aircraft , then you can wizz around with your drone with a game controller (xbox or similar)

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Beauty guys, thanks VERY much! Hitting C does the trick as it restores control of the aircraft to the joystick. Much appreciated all.

I wouldn’t let the AI pilot pull me around in a red flyer wagon on the ground. :grinning:

But the “C” key works. (sometimes).

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Pretty sure if you press C by default you get control of the aircraft while in drone cam

Yep default is C but remember, you will need to press C again to go back into drone mode

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