Flying along merrily and CRASH

Not that long ago I was flying along quite happily in the old FBW A320 from Calvi (LFKC) to Bristol (EGGD) autopilot switched on (33000 feet)…waypoint to waypoint …got to Paris, and for no apparent reason CTD.

Thankyou Asobo for SU5. This never happened until now SU5. I am dreading the next update. We have to install the next update to fix what Asobo screwed up in SU5 and it’s delayed by about 3 weeks, so that just shows that they have no confidence in what they do. Clueless, and all for the X-Box.


Things break but they do get fixed eventually.


Do you have an empty community folder? Yesterday I put some liveries back in the community folder after none CTDs for 2 weeks. First flight: CTD on approach to a big airport. Some liveries cause CTD as the sim uses them for AI and multiplayer traffic. I made some more tests, to confirm this. Now i will find out what special livery causes this issue.

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FBW a32nx is also known to crash a lot post SU5. Try playing without it first so you can rule it out.

I get what everybody is saying, but before SU5 there were glitches which we had to work around and could sort out, so along comes the X-Box and just about everything got screwed up for the PC user. I’m convinced that Asobo did not check what would happen to the PC user expierance when calving up MSFS2020 for use on the X-box. OR maybe they did but Microsoft told Asobo to go ahead in any case (all about the money) and fixes would be implemented over time. Microsoft knew that they had the PC user and with the massive investment we the PC user have made over the past year …we were not going to walk away.
I will give another example:- yesterday, clicked the msfs2020 button…it started, went through the whole process of checking for F*&&^^**& updates and then started loading, blue progress line got to roughly 60% loading … the most annoying backround tune (which I hate) started spluttering…AND CTD. I had not made any changes whatsoever. I rest my case!
I could go on, but I would be able to write a book on this and I do not have the time or motivation.

Juneau - Alaska.
Awesome plane!

How is this possible???

I told the paint guy to go with a high vis liverier. I assumed he would go with yellow but I got this. I should have been more specific. That’s what I get for having more money than sense.


This entire post is clueless. Lol. Thanks for contributing your rage to the community forum? Reddit exists.

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This is a mod dev who hasn’t update their content, nothing to do with Asobo.


I wonder if this has something to do with Orbx Alaska Mesh. Other users have had other issues like the whole airport covered in grass.

Holy Moley… a PINK Aircraft !

Looks like no livery at all. This is what you get int GPUs when the board expects a livery texture, not get it… this is a default blocked pattern fallback texture. After SU-5 I’ve seen these blocked patterns on airports sometimes… btw in the past there have been issues with AI and friends aircraft, showing liveries not available on your PC because you installed MSFS Standard version. Then it resulted in long irregular stutters and CTD’s. Maybe they just replaced the bug by something less inconvenient ? Repair ?

It’s the livery designer. They need to update their liveries with every SU to ensure compatibility; many haven’t since SU5 yet, which is on them to keep up.


I wonder what you mean by that :thinking:

I just think Asobo should put more effort into making a stable and complete simulator before thinking about making detailed cities and regions. My 2 cents.

Many older liveries aren’t compatible with SU5. My favourite Bonanza skin I’ve been using from the start looks fine from the outside, but if I look behind me in the plane, it’s that checkered magenta pattern. Another TBM livery I have makes the wings that pattern.

I think it might be something to do with Orbx - Alaska Mesh causing the pink check flag aircraft. I have been working thru some other issues and found FS Dreamteam’s Switzerland mesh causing the sim not to load when trying to fly from LFSB.
I have also removed all my FBW liveries a while ago and have only verified SU5 liveries now.

It’s SU5. I don’t have any Orbx scenery, and I have that issue with a bunch of old liveries.

They changed something in the way liveries are implemented. That’s what’s causing this issue.

I only hope SU6 will fix all this. Orbx Fall city(which I also have), and Alaska Mesh and SU5 are causing the check pink planes. It’s been confirmed on the Orbx Forum and to overcome the pink planes they are saying to remove Fall City. Boy has SU5 caused some issues or what.

Another bug is FS Dreamteam’s Switzerland Mesh if bought from the Microsoft Marketplace. There is something not right with the download at Microsoft and FSDT have told microsoft and nothing has been done about it. That does not surprise me with Microsoft. They do not care if it works or not…as long as they get the money.