Flying Iron P38

I want one


I bought their spitfire even though I am not really a spitfire fan. It just looked so good and I wanted to support Flying Iron. The p38 however is my favorite of all the warbirds (except mayyybe the thunderbolt), so I am super excited for this one. I would love to see a Mustang from them eventually as well. That to me would be the trifecta of warbirds.


I’d like to see the Mustang, P38, and of course, the Vought f4u Corsair <<<<my favorite

There is already a good Corsair, by Milviz.


We are in beta testing and hoping to release early next month :slight_smile:

Who knows, maybe we will tackle the Mustang in the near future :wink:


Were you guys also working on a BF109, or was that another group?


Really like the Spitfire. It‘s the best flying Warbird of the three currently available imho.
This and the continuous updates to the Spitfire so far, make the P38 an instant buy for me.


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I can neither confirm nor deny this statement :eyes: :wink:


Looking forward to the P-38, as one might guess from my username :slight_smile: .

I didn’t think we’d see a '38 in MSFS for some time.


Is there a rough price we can expect? Same as spitfire or more?

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We haven’t had this discussion yet, but I’d imagine it will be priced at or close to the Spitfire :slight_smile:


Ah amazing, just saw Murphys preview and looked awesome so was hoping was in a range I can afford :slight_smile: I should be able to put that amount aside as looks amazing and love your spitfire. Will be interesting to see how works with keyboard and mouse compared to other planes given the multiple fucilarge

The real question is, will anyone tackle the P-82/F-82 Twin Mustang? :wink:


anyone have any data on landing distance required for a p38, weird I cannot find anything on this in the commonly available manuals.

Any chance to fix the tablet when using 787hx mod?

Main thread for this plane is over here

Hmm did that thread get deleted can´t find it?

try this

That link gives me a permission error…

Just purchased the P-38 and have finally figured out the cold startup. I have found, however, that if you accidently toggle the prime button the wrong direction that you’ll NEVER get the engine to start and you’ll have to exit your flight to clear the issue.

Anyone know of an engine start solution for when this accidental bump to dilute occurs to avoid a restart of the flight?

You can give up and go Autostart. A hotkey bind for Toggle Starter or even Magneto Start (even though it doesn’t exist in-cockpit or real life, the sim still responds to a keybind that moves the magneto to the Start position).

That, or take off on one engine and let the windmilling prop crank the engine to life.