Flying Irons Spitfire update missing


Iv seen that there is an 1.1 update, but my game does not seem to have any updates, so I am stuck at 1.08. I have purchaced it via marketplace.

Is this normal that there is delay on the marketplace updates?

Yes. Normal.

1.1 update was followed by the 1.1 hotfix, so hopefully the Marketplace will catch up at some point. Worth the wait though, she flies really nice and the tablet is excellent


Any experience on how long the wait will be?

Next day or two. Microsoft will have it but will be testing for file integrity/ safety.
As soon as they have it’ll appear in the MP.

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I don’t use the Marketplace at all so cannot suggest how long it’ll be sorry.

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I purchased it via Marketplace as well and I searched for the update in de FI website, but there is no link. I would expect updates to be available on the Flying Iron website. Well. Just have to wait I guess.

If you purchased directly from the FI website for PC, you will be able to download any files there. If you purchased in-sim via the Marketplace for either XBox or PC, all updates come through the Marketplace.

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I went to the Flying Iron discord and there it was suggested it would several (6-8) weeks for the update to make its way to market place. I guess time will tell

Tbh the delay to marketplace really sucks. What can possibly take 6-8 weeks?

I’m really regretting all the purchases made through the marketplace rather than direct.

Some of these updates have been essential things, not just new features.

At this point so do I. Never imagined there would be such a delay.

I ended up deleting it from marketplace and purchased it again direct from Flying Iron. It was a tough call but had to be done. (Principles).

Thanks. I’ll just have to wait;-)

Marketplace is more or less dead to be because of the painfully slow updates. The only things I bought there this year were Carenado planes, and since some of those haven’t been working correctly for a while I’m really thinking about quitting Carenado as well …:confused:
It may be a hassle to keep everything up to date, but at least you CAN keep it up to date

Remember that the Spitfire just pushed a very quick hotfix through (within a few days of the developer requesting it) to fix the uncloseable door issue on Xbox. I expect because of this small update, the latest version in the pipeline for Xbox is now useless as it will just overwrite the hotfix and break the plane again.

They probably need to write the hotfix changes into the latest update for Xbox and re-submit it to MS, either that or they’ll wait until the problem that caused the broken door to be resolved by a sim update (something to do with WASM coding); then re-submit the latest version.

I’m guessing there’s a stack of memos on someone’s desk (yes this was a real thing in my time) piling up from holiday break. Hopefully we’ll see those lovely flames soon with the latest update finally appearing in the Marketplace. I’m loving this bird.

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It is a really good product, for the price I think it’s above standard.

My only issues with it are that engine damage seems to not exist on the XBOX version, and the Radiator temperature gauge seems to be a bit borked. Had some issues using the emergency gear lever as well, but I’ve binded it to my Velocity One and it could be an incompatibility.

Still not updated

Anyone tested out the update for the spit on XBOX?

Just got an update!